Ascendancy Anniversary Celebrations Continue

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Posted by Aurora Grimes - Faction:Chiss Ascendancy

Date: Year 15 Day 139

Good evening! I am Zurr’acewo’zuorre, reporting live for Chiss Public InfoNet from the CPIN Broadcasting Citadel, on Csilla. As you can see behind me, celebrations are still occurring around the Chiss ancestral homeland, marking the one year anniversary of the latest incarnation of the ancient government of the Chiss people, the Chiss Ascendancy! It is an incredibly loud and joyous atmosphere.

For those tuning in via our galactic broadcast, I would like to take a moment to share a bit of history behind this historic and momentous occasion. Over a year ago the former Chiss Regime was destroyed, not by a military coup nor an attempt by political enemies to commandeer the throne. Rachel Keiko-sho, one-time leader of the former Ascendancy was ultimately the one who eliminated it. Despite displaying moments of great leadership and teamwork, she inevitably cultivated a severe mistrust of her compatriots and grew striken with power-hunger and elements of madness. She decided then to change everything and burn little by little the faith the Chiss had for her and that Ascendancy.

It took months for a young Aristocra that was supposed to be Ms. Keiko-sho's equal in the Council to talk to officers and members of the Ascendancy. He asked them to join him before it was too late to try once again. Slowly he convinced them to build what they been dreaming for, for so long. One by one, they went with him, toward becoming one family, trusting in his words, dreams, and vision.

Then one day, it was done, the wait was over, on Year 14 Day 129, the old regime died and was reborn into something else, something new. Something that has used the last year to set itself apart from former Ascendancies in that while it keeps its historical ties and traditions, it has shown a willingness to accept and support non-Chiss as well as Chiss. The sixth Ascendancy was born. This began a period one historian from the acclaimed Csilla Tactical University is calling the Raven Restoration.

Since then, the Ascendancy has grown. A constitution has been wrote, started a long time ago but completed with the help of many. The Ascendancy's political sphere growing toward other factions and groups, helping them and becoming allies or trade partners.

While this year has been hard for many it has shown what a group that works as a team could accomplish. Our reporter was able to get some words from members of the Chiss Cabinet. Here is a montage of those cabinet members comments.

Our very own director, Aurora Grimes, had this to say.

"“It is my honor to serve my people over the past year, and hopefully this will continue for many more years.”'"

The Chiss Ascendancy's Director of Allocations, Prard`aga Rono, had this to state:

"“One year ago, the Chiss Ascendancy did not vanish as some hoped it would, but it survived, and now we are moving beyond mere survival. We will thrive and restore our society"'"

Reius Rothschild had this to say, and is reportedly motivated by the wishes of his deceased wife:

""I want the Ascendancy to grow, not to be like other groups, I want us to become something the galaxy will trust, To become something that will make Chiss and non-Chiss want to join us. I want us to find a system where we may establish ourselves until the time has come where we have a larger presence in our ancestral lands once again. I want the dream I had and that my dear departed wife shared with me, I want the word Chiss to be once again respected, for it to be once again know as powerful being. I want the galaxy to associate one known as being a Chiss to be noble, self-less, good, and trustworthy.”'"

Our sources indicate to us that the next year will be filled with movement from the Ascendancy, from political alliances to interstellar discovery, our sources assure us that the Chiss will make another step toward the greatness that was promised to us all a year ago!

Celebrations are on-going and likely to continue for a significant period of time.

This is Zurr’acewo’zuorre, for Chiss Public InfoNet, thank you for joining us tonight, and we salute the Ascendancy and hope the galaxy will allow the Ascendancy's moment of joy to bring them joy.