Prard`aga Rono

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Prard`aga Rono
Dagaro 2.png
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Laka`eri Rono
Father Prard` uti Takir
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -7 CGT
Died -
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy
Rank Syndic


Early Life

Prard`aga Rono, or "Dagaro" was born among aboard the Flagship of a Top Secret Chiss Task Force which had been sent after the Second Vagaari War to find the true Vagaari Homeworld. Growing up with stories about the "Old Ascendancy" told to him by his family and other members of the Task Force, he looked forward to the day when he returned to Csilla.

When the Task Force finally did return in 2 CGT, they discovered that the Chiss Ascendancy was experiencing a Civil Dispute, which had entered the fifth year of the Five Year War(which would go on ten years). After his father died in the last year of the War, Dagaro resigned his commission in the Csilla System Defense Force to become Chiss language instructor to Csilla's growing alien population, an experience which reduced his Xenophobic tendencies and excited his curiosity about other races.

Dagaro enthusiastically supported the new Liberal Party, before becoming disillusioned following the Batlle of Csilla, where he assisted in the evacuation of refugees and even undermined the efforts of both Black Nebula and the New Republic. He then flirted with the pro-Independence Confederate Party, before the Parliament was dissolved in favor of a local ruling council.

Feeling betrayed by his cousin Prard`al Keyrek, who led Black Nebula, but whom he had never met, Dagaro seethed with vengeance. He did not have the skills to be a bounty hunter, but wanted to do something about the dishonorable member of his House.

House Yar

Dagaro was then contacted by Reius Rothschild of House Yar. People on Csilla had heard of the efforts of the Chiss Ascendancy, but many on the homeworld believed that this fifth iteration would fail like all the others.Upon joining he realized how wrong those voices were and was excited that he found the means restore the honor of his family. He pledged to the Council of Families to bring his cousin Prard`al Keyrek in to face Chiss Justice. He also hoped to become a General in the new CEDF.

Dagaro spent his off duty time at the popular new Vocehn Nightclub opened by Ascendancy citizen Atraena Sarethi, a merit adoptive of House Yar. Following her disappearance, Dagaro received the permission of the Council to reopen the club and to once again make it a center for Chiss Social Life. However, events would soon catapult Dagaro into Chiss politics.

A Chiss Crisis

Dagaro was forced to close the club amidst when Aristocra Rachel Keiko-sho resigned from the post of Aristocra, and contracted the Metamorphisis Plague. In the months following her suicide, House Yar moved to secure chiss assets and personnel. Upon securing the name of the Chiss Ascendancy, House Yar's claim was legitimized by a decree passed by the Chiss Parliament, declaring House Yar to be the "Stewards of the Ascendancy".

As a reward for his role in resolving the "Chiss Succession Crisis", Aristocra Yar (with the approval of the other blood born) named Prard`aga Rono Syndic of the Chiss Ascendancy. The Syndic position, in accordance with the Chiss Constitution, meant that he was Commander of House Yar's Household Phalanx, Quartermaster over House Yar property, and Regent (in the event the current Aristocra dies or resigns, and a new Aristocra cannot be immediately located).


"'I miss the days when all I cared about was whether Atraena would accept my romantic overtures or if I would see combat.''"
— Prard`aga Rono

One of Dagaro's first projects was to announce the Csabun`as Vocotsi or "Restoration of Culture" a series of reforms designed to improve the quality of life for citizens of the Ascendancy and to encourage interest in Chiss culture. He has found his skills lie in politics and history, and has become known as the preeminent historian of the Chiss.