Reius Rothschild

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Reius Yar'eius'Rot Rothschild
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Iltia Huntager
Father Illian Rothschild
Spouse Davney Saffron (Deceased)

Illiane Rothschild (Deceased)

Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -11 Day 52
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation House Yar
Chiss Ascendancy
Aliit Darasuum Kal
Rank Grand Aristocra
Aliit'Buir Darasuum Kal
Positions Aristoca Yar

Reius Rothschild is a male Chiss, about twenty-four standard years old. He is known as the Aristocra of House Yar and leader of the Chiss Ascendancy. Reius is also known by his Chiss-born name, Yar`eius`Rot.


Early life

Yar`eius`Rot was born on Csilla from Iltia and Illian Rothschild, They were the leader of House Yar, one of the noble house of Csilla capital.

Triumvirate Coalition


Place in the Teraab System, The Triumvirate Coalition were the very first people to help Reius after he left the smuggler gang. Dero Recto first contacted him as he was searching for a good pilot and Reius was one of the best in that side of the galaxy. After Graduating from the Academy with wonderful grades, he joined Triumvirate Mining Corporation and went into the extraction department. After some month he was promoted to the rank of Rig Operator and had more responsability.

In Year 13 Day 191 he joined the academy staff as a Field-Training Officer, making him a helper and a mentor to the new recruit , as he was months earlier.

After hard and time-taking test, Reius was admited into the Jedi Enclave, an enclave inside the triumvirate Coalition, a place for force user to learn and non force user to help and learn themself, about the force and the life outside in the galaxy.

In Year 13 Day 202, after a vote from the member of Triumvirate Coalition he become one of the five new Senator.

House Yar

House Yar Insignia

House Yar shipyard's was created under the control of House Yar for the purpose of developing and producing ships for the Chiss Ascendancy. Established near the Csilla system in a secret location, its shipyard works day and night to produce ships of all types - from simple fighters to gigantic capital ships.

House Yar Technology produces ships for every department of the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Force, but as it's the arming hand of the whole Chiss faction, its major production is for the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Force.

House Yar also contains the Ravenist Knights, the elite members of House Yar. They form the royal guard, protecting their leader as well as the property of House Yar. All members pledge to uphold the oath to work for the greater good of the people. All races are welcome to come to the Knights for support provided they are deemed worthy of receiving that support. The Knights fight for peace and harmony, and are willing to fight and die to set the oppressed free.

House Yar is an understanding house, making it possible for any non-Chiss to join and become a productive member within the house.

Chiss Ascendancy

Chiss Ascendancy

As the time was moving on, the legitimate holder of the Chiss Ascendancy name, Rachel Keiko-Sho started to grow weary and angry of her position and of the people under her. Seeing them more as a nuisance and problem than of what they were, comrade in this time of work for the Chiss people, she moved further away from her people and friend days after days. After month of work toward reconciliation between them, Reius started a project that could have made him an enemy of the Chiss people, he started to buy back property and recruit people from within the Ascendancy organization to recreate the whole, for the people with the people.

Lucky for him, Rachel decided to remove herself of the Chiss people and went to become something else using the virus that was spreading and modifying the DNA of a specie to make it move toward another.

After month of talk and work, the whole of the Chiss decided to create a rank for the Reius and House Yar, "Stewards of the Chiss Ascendancy", making him legally holder of the Chiss Ascendancy name and current head of the Council of Familly.

Leader of Chiss Ascendancy
Preceded By:
Rachel Keiko-sho
Aristocra Yar
Year 14 Day 129 — Present
Succeeded By: