Rachel Keiko-sho

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Rachel Keiko-sho
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Not on file
Father Not on file
Spouse None
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.80 meters
Hair Color Indigo
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Horizon Tactical Armaments, Thyrsus Sun Guards, Eclipse BactaCo, Silohuette, The Granse Confederacy, Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile ,Chiss Ascendancy (Year 13)

Early life

Horizon Tactical Armaments

In Year 13 she would serve as second-in-command for Horizon Tactical Armaments for several months under the leadership of Vito Royan. On Day 196 she became leader for a short time when then Vito became leader again, on the same day though Vito was then removed as leader and Solarius Masha became leader. Rachel left to assist Vito in running his new company, Ni`lyhain Smugglers.


Internal divisions within the Ascendancy led her to abdicate the Aristocracy.


Her most notable contribution were the concepts which defined the recognition of a Chiss House, Virtue of Service and Merit of Power.

Virtue of Service is the requirement that all House Members are, in their own way, contributing to the growth of the Chiss Ascendancy and the House. This is to prevent a House from bloating itself by having those who receive all the benefits of being in a Chiss House but contribute nothing to it.

Merit of Power is the requirement that the growth of a Chiss House does not harm another Chiss House or the Chiss Ascendancy itself.This has resulted in the tradition that house membership transfers for those above trial born require the consent of both houses.

Leader of Chiss Ascendancy
Preceded By:
Drak`ora Sabosen
Aristocra Csapla
Year 13 Day 340 Year 14 Day 129
Succeeded By:
Reius Rothschild