House Csapla

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House Csapla
Historical Information
EstablishedCirca 5000 BCGT
General information
Current headAristocra Som`uldera Onel
AffiliationChiss Ascendancy


As the moderators of Chiss logistics and colonial affairs, House Csapla often finds itself in negotiations with those not of Csillan heritage. As such, a strong business sense is as important as mental prowess. Members of House Csapla have a passion for serving the Chiss as a whole. Csaplans pursue this passion with a strong focus, mind, and determination. Those who would oppose the Csaplans in their affairs are dealt with swiftly and without pity.



The Shadows Strike

Return of the Aristocra

On Year 12, Day 191, Caes`hla` Csapla came into contact with Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen of the Chiss Ascendency. Drak`ora Sabosen, leader of House Sabosen, offered Caes`hla Csapla the opportunity to join the Reborn Chiss Ascendency. Caes`hla Csapla agreed and, pending the disappearance of Roeg`eri Csapla, took over as interim Aristocra of House Csapla later that year. Shortly thereafter, an illness forced Caes`hla Csapla. On Year 13, Day 4, with the illness in remission, Caes`hla Csapla again stepped back into his role as Aristocra Csapla.

A Call to Leadership

A Little Darker