Vito Royan

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Vito Royan
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Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Dead
Father Flar Gar
Siblings Salvatore Royan - Brother

Hi`Kush Royan - Cousin

Eosphoros Gar- Half Brother?

Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Ni`Lyahin Smugglers
Rank Dark Lord
Positions CEO
Prior Affiliation Aurodium Legion

Horizon Tactical Armaments

The Chiss Ascendancy

Golan Technologies

Black Dust Industries

Telma Tech Shipyards


Outback Industries

Tion Hegemony

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Galactic Medical

Chiss Material Extractions

Vito Royan starting working in Year 9 for a corporation called Outback Industries, working minimal wage for several months. After that he bounced between jobs, he acquired position within the New Republic. He worked for a group called FreiTek INC. He also became an ambassador,part of the diplomatic division of New Republic.

A senior member of New Republic named Evan Traner tried to have Vito killed, due to them having a argument. After the attempted assassination, Royan was left for dead, however a friend of his from an unknown ship manufacturing company rescued Royan for an untimely death. Despite Royan's animosity to the New Republic, his ally also worked for the New Republic.

Royan then started to work for Flar Gar, a fellow Chiss. After dedicating himself to his new job, Royan developed a deep desire continue working with members of the same race due to it lifting his mood and providing him with a measure of comfort. Royan started increase his skills in galactic commerce by trading goods. Soon after he began a small firearms dealership named Royan Holdings, based out of Firro.

He then join Golan Technologies and started to work for his friend, Adrian Kilstar, while trying to run his dealership on the side. Royan soon became very ill and had to go on extended medical leave for a few months. When he recovered came back, his dealership was in ruins. All the employees left the small company except for one. Being low on resources he resumed working for Adrian Kilstar. Royan Holdings suffered economically, seeing a decline in weapons sales. Soon Royan's friend started to grow away from Golan, being assigned tasks were far and inbetween. Royan then decided to leave, due to Kilstar's disappearance from the galaxy.

Royan started to get in contact with old allies and attempted to make new ones in an effort to build up his company again. Acquiring funding from a Chiss acquaintance hailing from House Sabosen, he then created Horizon Tactical Armaments.

Royan then went on hiatus for a few months again, and upon return Horizon Tactical Armaments was all but non-functional. He did some independent work for a short while, then he saw a recruitment ad on the holonet to join the ranks of the Aurodium Legion. Though unsure, he joined hoping to find a stable work environment.

On Year 13 Day 221 the KaKash Federation was created by Royan and some associates. He was given the title "Commissar". The KaKash Federation dedicated itself to providing funding and resources to small, independent companies throughout the galaxy. However, due to a business coup, Royan lost ownership and resources to KaKash's then-current leadership. The organization was left in ruins, but Vito would not back away from his old life.

He and another Chiss, Rachel Keiko-sho, decided to pool what resources they had left formed a new organization by the name of Ni`Lyahin Smugglers. Soon Royan was gifted leadership of group and continued to build it up economically. There have been many sources who have said Vito had recently changed his... attitude. He became a very dark chiss after the KaKash incident, and started his old ryll habits up again.KaKash was a rebellion against himself from the Sun Guard's leader Aries Rathakar. Very messy.... Him and his crew were always searching for havoc or fun... Which led to his capture.

Shortly after his marriage to Fleur`De Rouge he was more or less captured, but friends say it was a betrayal by the Dark Star Hellions on or around Year 13 Day 340. The betrayal by Dark Star Hellions was not unusual for their kind. They tricked him into believing he would get something he wanted highly... and instead betrayed him, and stabbed him in the back.