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The Chiss Ascendancy
Logo chiss-nilos2.jpg
General Information
Motto "Mining for a brighter future!"
Status Active
Leader High Command Members
Owner Flar Gar
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 211
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mining company
Holosite The Chiss Ascendancy


The Chiss Ascendancy, a culture and state once wrapped in isolationism, appeared upon the bordering sectors of the known galaxy during the turmoil of the galactic civil war. The parts of the Ascendancy visible to the galaxy took many different guise's with many different leaders. After getting a feel for the other species and governments inhabiting the rest of the large and spacious galaxy the Chiss began to establish colony worlds such as the planet Dayral. Dayral was later given greater importance in Chiss Politics after the loss of Csilla. The Chiss however noticed many admirable traits among other races. There was some doubt at first but the ruling oligarchy began to adopt those of heroic stature into their Families and spartan society.

Year 12 Day 109 was marked with controversy when Chiss Material Extractions decided to rename itself The Chiss Ascendancy in honour of its strong Chiss and historical upbringing. The decision was not received well by all Chiss but strong support for the move was found in some Chiss circles and beyond.

This administration welcomes all Chiss and non-Chiss willing to prove themselves loyal to the community. This Ascendancy pays particular credence to Chiss values and Chiss culture and therefore society as a whole. It sees itself as a forerunner for the future of it’s people. The Ascendancy takes you into the current galactic social and economic climate and asks what has to be done for the good of the community and what are the pillars of such a community. You.

In Year 12 around day 300 the Chiss Leaders decided to send out scouts looking for new land to colonise, this decision was taken due to the lack of resources that Dayral had to offer with being a Gas Giant. One of the scouts stumbled upon a completely uninhabited sector with a number of planets which lead a mass exodus from Dayral.

The new Sector now known as Kriz included 3 systems with a number of planets, Berrol`s Donn was named as the capital planet where the strong Chiss traditions, values and ideals are followed. Not surprisingly many Chiss have taken up residence here. This also helped reunite the Chiss race when a number of “exiles” returned to the fold now they had a place to follow the traditional ways in virtual privacy as all visitors have to be pre-screened and agree to follow the tradition ways.

The planet Gunthar has become the main commerce hub and trade hub for the Kriz Sector which has lead to an influx of many different races, many non Chiss members have made this their home while many of the progressive Chiss share homes here as well as on the capital planet Berrol`s Donn.

Always on the look out for new talent and new mining and building contracts, be it, contracts from upcoming or established entrepreneur, or large to small groups within our galaxy. Our company is matched with professionalism and enthusiasm with a dash of the very rare kind of blue.

Honour. Family. Duty.

Year 12 Day 109

Chiss Materials Extractions continued to grow and expand, a rift began to develop. Carn`ilo` Sabosen carried the standard of adherence to traditional chiss cultural values , while Flar Gar accepted a more multicultural view.

Chiss Material Extractions changed its name to 'The Chiss Ascendancy', frustrating the remaining traditionalists.


Neutral but with strong positive diplomatic relations across the galactice sphere. The Chiss Ascendancy Policies are generally in line with the progressive Chiss Ideology. The official party of The Chiss Ascendancy is The Chiss Progressive Union.

High Command


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