Simon Eusnomis

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Lord Simon Eusnomis C.L.
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian/Chiss
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation The Empire of the Hand/Veril Line Systems/Kriz Medical Bureau
Positions Minister Of Industry and Economics
Prior Affiliation The Chiss Ascendancy, Freelance, Falleen Federation
Awards Graduation.png6monthmember.png1yearmember.png2yearmember.pngCourtsmall.pngState.pngEngineering.pngBommigiltpbsmall.png

Early Life

Simon Eusnomis was born on Alderaan after a happy childhood with a loving mother and father at the age of sixteen on a camping holiday the family was attacked by bandits and Simon was the only survivor. After many months of hospital treatment and numerous trips to the Bacta tanks Simon made a full physical recovery, however not the same could be said mentally. Always in trouble with the authorities and drifting from tavern to tavern his life became a drunken haze of alcohol, ryll and cheap prostitutes.

After finding himself broke, friendless and barred from almost every tavern on Alderaan he decided to leave his home world to see what the galaxy had to offer.

After a short time working with a small band of smugglers he found himself stranded on a deep space station near to the Falleen system after hitching a ride to Falleen Simon decided he needed some direction in his life and thought about setting up a small business however after going to the local tavern to celebrate his decision he awoke as an enlisted cadet in the Falleen Federation and a rather large hangover.

Life in the Federation

Starting as a cadet in the personal retrieval section, collecting and transporting building personal to new build sites he soon decided that he should slow down a bit on the partying and try and make a go of things. After a short time he graduated from the academy and requested a transfer to Falleen Naval Contracts so he could learn a trade in ship building. He soon worked his way up to second in command of the Federations ship building corporation. His hard work had been spotted by the Federation’s High Command and he was asked to take over as second in command of Falleen Resource Contracts supplying all the raw materials for the whole of the Federations needs.

After his hard work caught the eye of then Prime Minister Rick Farlander and King Bisz Aldaris, Simon was offered the chance of joining the Chamber of Minister as the Deputy of Engineering under the tutelage of Minister Ono Stardust who became a good friend as well as a mentor. During a building campaign disaster struck one day when his good friend Ono went missing in action, what happened is still a mystery to this day and while happy to be promoted to a full Minister, Simon was also sad to lose his good friend.

After many building missions and completely exhausted Simon requested a transfer and moved to the Ministry of State. While in the Role of Minister of State he was made protectorate of The United Coalition of Rachuk, then it was known as the Chalcedon Dominion. He took the position of leader while Uther Von Kaldreon, the original leader, had other obligations. When Uther returned Simon gladly returned to the Federation and was given the Honour of being made a Lord in the Companion of the Legion of Honour and while staying as Minister also took the reins at Falleen Gear Contracts. During this time he was to work closely with The Chiss Ascendancy and became close friends with Flar Gar.

The Chiss Ascendancy and Retirement from the Federation

During his dealings with the Chiss Ascendancy medical company Simon soon realised that all was not well and soon found that their Leader and Owner Carn`ilo` Sabosen was completely mismanaging the organization leaving Simon no choice but to assume control over the company and merge it back into the Federation, this action did not go down well with some of the Chiss but as he was a Sworn Lord of the Federation there was no choice to make. This action did not affect his friendship with Flar Gar, in fact it made it stronger and Flar soon formed a new company Chiss Material Extractions which Simon was more than happy to help with, this did have a downside though as his heart was no longer in politics, his mind was more on his private businesses and as a successful business man with many rental properties scattered over the galaxy as well as his work with Flar Gar he decided to step down and retire from the Federation. This was a hard decision to make but he still has many friends within the Federation until the present day.

Present Day

After leaving the Federation he decided it was now time to party hard again and he decided to visit every one of the 170 Taverns he had acquired over his years as a Minister. After his downtime Simon decided to return to work and joined Chiss Material Extractions now renamed to The Chiss Ascendancy once more, as a full time member. This again caused friction among some Chiss especially Drak`ora Sabosen, someone Simon had never got along with and never will even with his training in politics, in fact it was said to be overheard one night in a bar he was said to have shouted “if I ever find myself in a room with any Sabosen I will stick my blaster where the sun don't shine and blow their brains out because that is where they are!” It is a well known fact that Simon does not like House Sabosen but as he sees them as xenophobes but he cannot take them serious as enemies. It is also true when he learnt of the death of Carn`ilo` Sabosen he did send a holo message to every tavern he owned that the drinks were on the house and went on a three day party.

The distrust with House Sabosen was also his only reason in voting for a total re-brand of The Chiss Ascendancy to The Empire of the Hand, an organization working towards a common goal for all races Chiss and non Chiss alike.

Whilst on a resent scanning mission within the Kriz System upon boarding what was thought to be an abandoned ship Simon boarded to find a seriously ill crew, not knowing this at the time the entire crew of the ship were suffering from the "Derra Virus" Simon contracted the Metamorphosis Plague.

While still remaining a High Command member of The Empire of the Hand Simon decided the Empire needed to expand after colonizing the newly discovered Bestal Sector, this led to the purchase of the recycling company Veril Line Systems from the Falleen Federation and bringing it under the banner of the Empire of the Hand along with Kriz Medical Bureau.