Kriz Medical Bureau

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Kriz Medical Bureau
General Information
Motto "Four Voices, Many Races, One Empire"
Status Active
Leader Simon Eusnomis
2IC Wade Flynn
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 104
Dissolved Year 15 Day 177
Political Information
Affiliation Empire of the Hand
Industry Medical Service
Holosite Kriz Medical Bureau

Kriz Medical Bureau was created on day 104 year 14. Located in the Kriz Sector Kriz Medical Bureau is a sub division of The Empire of the Hand supporting all its medical needs.

Kriz Medical Bureau stands out because it will be offering a vast range of medical services to all galactic beings from your simple medical supplies to full cybernetic implants performed by our expert doctors. Kriz Medical Bureau also offers a full management program for all your farms, refineries as well as the sale of datacards.

We are always willing to engage in new contracts big and small and supply only the best products so you can feel safe in the knowledge that if you purchase from us only the best quality is supplied. We are here to supply all you medical needs from a bacta patch to fully operational hospitals whatever you are looking for contact us with you needs and we will be only too happy to help.

The Kriz medical bureau traces its foundations in the recent epidemic that caused metamorphosis in the plague’s victims and was funded by Lord Flar Gar and Lord Simon Eusnomis in its creation.