Chiss Ascendancy (Year 13)

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Chiss Ascendancy
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Rachel Keiko-sho
Owner Rachel Keiko-sho
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 164
Dissolved Year 14 Day 129
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Production(Medical)
Holosite Chiss Ascendancy


The Chiss Ascendancy first came into existence as the Chiss, after many years of tribal fighting, chose peace and cooperation. Under the Ancient Chiss Ascendancy, the Chiss civilization grew and prospered. The “Golden Age” of the Chiss Ascendancy wasn’t to last, as fighting from both outside and inside, eventually caused the Ascendancy’s downfall. Many Chiss made their way off-world in hopes of preserving Chiss culture.

As the Exiles set forth in restoring the Ascendancy and Chiss culture. They faced many obstacles but eventually were able to restart the Chiss Ascendancy. As the years passed, the reborn Ascendancy reestablished the Council of Families, Parliament and the CEDF. Establishments that were lost to the Chiss for many years, now formed, as the new Chiss Ascendancy takes shape. The Chiss culture was once again brought back from the brink.

It is in the spirit of our ancestors that the Ascendancy opens its doors to the galaxy to sell premier medical supplies. We welcome all beings of the galaxy to join. As a neutral organization, we welcome all clients, and serve all on equal ground.


The Fifth Ascendancy

The rise of the Fifth Chiss Ascendancy had its roots in the Chiss Parliament. The Chiss Parliament was reorganized from a common assembly into a bicameral legislature where Houses had their representatives seated in the Chiss Cabinet, and five elected Senators in the Chiss Senate.

After ratifying a Charter, a Legal Code, and establishing the CEDF, the Senate began to falter as senators resigned to focus on other projects or disappeared altogether.

Into this lull, The Chiss Ascendancy released a bombshell: They were going to rename themselves. The name "Chiss Ascendancy" would once again be free for a new company to take. The former Fourth Chiss Ascendancy took the name Empire of the Hand and completed its adaptation of a multiculturistic view. Traditionalists rejoiced at the prospect of ending the confusion of what they saw as the true Chiss Ascendancy and Pretenders. Drak`ora Sabosen was almost ready when Simon Eusnomis announced that he was funding a friend who would make a Chiss Ascendancy bounty hunting company. The young Aristocra had 12 hours to create the company, which was already planned to focus on medical services.

After the Fifth Chiss Ascendancy was declared to the galaxy on day 164, the upcoming Senate election was suspended, which put the Parliament in a State of Limbo. A few notable Chiss were rewarded with Ambassadorships and became the first wave of dual citizens. similar to the program offered by the Avance Coalition, the Chiss Dual Citizenship Program grants all the benefits of citizenship to Chiss serving in other organisations,as long as those organisations were not hostile to the Ascendancy.

During the planning for the new company, it was decided that the Chiss Parliament was be reformed. The debate over reform eventually settled on a plan for a reorganization of the Chiss Ascendancy based on concensus.The result was to write a new Constitution to replace the flawed Charter written solely by House Sabosen. The process of doing this was to be known as the Chiss Convention.

Chiss Convention

The Chiss Convention took many months and met on two separate occasions before finally achieving its goal. The first attempt fell apart when Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen was assassinated, but the some of the concepts discussed would be reintroduced when the convention was restarted.

When Rachel Keiko-sho suddenly found herself in leadership, she worked on a new agenda that included getting a new Chiss Constitution. Under stricter rules than the first, the second convention gathered Chiss from all over the galaxy to offer their input, and the response was higher than the first attempt.

The Raven Rises

(see:House Yar) Rachel Keiko-sho, who was Aristocra Csapla, as a result of being named heir of the last active Csapla Aristocra, as not alone. Before being assassinated, Drak`ora Sabosen had recruited Reius Rothschild when he heard that Rothschild was thinking of leaving Triumvirate Coalition(where he served as one of two Chiss Senators) to start his own company. Sabosen asked Reius to form the company as an affiliate of the Chiss Ascendancy. This was in response to concerns that he had taken too much power over the Chiss Parliament and that another company led by a Chiss Aristocra would serve as a check on his power. he new corporation would produce ships and was simply known as House Yar.

The death of Sabosen meant that for the first time in many years House Sabosen did not have a role in setting the policies of Chiss Society. The new Csapla-Yar led Council of Families set about focusing on the growth of the Ascendancy and were exploring many proposals to improve Chiss Society.A new nightclub was opened to serve off-duty staff. It appeared that good times were ahead and that nothing could go wrong.

Chiss Succession Crisis

After being insulted by a fellow Chiss, Rachel Keiko-sho had had enough. It was last straw in a series of building frustrations with the Chiss community. For reasons unknown, she resigned as Aristocra of House Csapla, and contracted the Metamorphosis Virus(whether she injected herself or was infected remains unknown). The result meant that legal title to the name 'Chiss Ascendancy' was now held by a non-chiss. After staying long enough to complete the contract with Aurodium Legion, the company stagnated.

House Yar acted to secure the personal safety of the Chiss Ascendancy core membership. After months of stagnation and no further contact with the rest of the galaxy or even the rest of the Chiss Community(except for the occasional vitriolic response to inquiries from Aristocra Yar). The internal instability was kept unknown to the rest of the galaxy, thanks to the efforts of House Yar in keeping the crisis secret from the public.

On Day 129, the Fifth Chiss Ascendancy dissolved and the Parliament immediately approved a motion to declare House Yar "Stewards of the Ascendancy". This motion simply recognized House Yar as the legal holders of the 'Chiss Ascendancy' name for the purpose of Galactic Record keeping and protects them from legal challenges by any other claimants.


While the Fifth Chiss Ascendancy is dead, the Chiss Constitution drafted in its last days became official Chiss law and the foundation of the sixth Chiss Ascendancy. It also supported the rise of House Yar, which preserved the Ascendancy during the succession crisis and whose moderation was a welcome change to the traditionalist radicalism begun under House Sabosen, while House Sabosen itself became moderate.