House Yar

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House Yar
Yarinsignia zpsfa073708.png
General Information
Motto From the darkness, we defend the light
Status Active
Leader Aristocra Siobhan Nullic
2IC Syndic TBA
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 312
Dissolved Year 22 254
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy
Industry Ship Manufacturers
Holosite House Yar


House Yar is a House which focuses on engineering, primarily shipbuilding. While House Yar accepts the traditional rules of succession, nonchiss are welcome to join the Chiss House and may even obtain the rank of Syndic(Regent and Quartermaster of the House under the Chiss Constitution.).

House Yar's Color is Red. House Yar's emblem is known as the Vuzsi, a small dark-feathered scavenger bird native to the northern tundra of Csilla (the ancestral homeland of the Yar family). The Household Phalanx of House Yar are known as the Ravenist Knights, the most trusted of whom are issued ceremonial swords allowed with their standard weapons.


House Yar traces its heritage to the Northern Tundra of Csilla. Thousands of years ago, following the Great Southern Migration at the beginning of Csilla's Ice Age, a few families chose to stay behind. House Yar grew in that time as a family of reliable traders in the north, while being noteworthy as talented engineers.While briefly rising to the status of Major Family during the Golden Age, House Yar declined after they chose the wrong side in the early years of the Chiss Civil Dispute.

One Year after the Cspalar Crisis resulted in the apparent annihilation of House Cspala, minor houses schemed to become the new ruling family in the Old Capital. House Yar suffered a further reversal of fortune when it lost all of its territory and most of its capital in the Chiss Civil Dispute. So the last known Yar, in preparation for a move offworld, changed his last name to Rothschild ,using his core name as his first name. His wife and their child( born Yar`eius` Rot) had their names changed in the same fashion.

Illian Rothschild had a change of mind and decided not to move offworld once it became clear that the other worlds of the Ascendancy were even more dangerous than Csilla. He raised his son Reius with a love of engineering, especially shipbuilding, in the Yar tradition.A 16 Year old Reius Rothschild stayed out of the "Five Year War" and instead began his career as a smuggler. After the war, he begin to smuggle in the "Northern" Outer Rim sectors closest to the Unknown Regions.

Reius began to accumulate wealth during his successful career in the Triumvirate Coalition, with the help of his confidant, the Twi'liek Davney Saffron, whom he married after founding House Yar Technologies(the reaction of the marriage in traditionalist circles would become a factor later).

When Reius was about to found his company, originally to be named Knights of the Eclipse, he was approached by Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen. Aristocra Sabosen had decided that for the Chiss Ascendancy to grow, it must be comprised of a leadership of more than one, to prevent any one Aristocra from becoming a tyrant. Reius accepted the proposal and founded the company House Yar Technologies, earning him a seat on a member of House Yar had not occupied in decades.

In late Year 13, the first significant crisis House Yar would face arrived. Drak`ora Sabosen was assassinated. Sabosen had already named Rachel Keiko-sho, who had been named Aristocra Csapla the previous year, as his heir. For the first time in many years, the Chiss Ascendancy would not be represented by a Sabosen.

What seemed to be cordial relations between House Csapla and House Yar begin to intensify into disagreements about authority. Matters were complicated when Sabosen's heir, Pravus Malum, was named Head of State. Malum had begun a campaign where he informed others that he was true Head of State, with all the authority over government affairs, and not a mere diplomat. Reius used his position as an Aristocra of a Major House to undermine Pravus attempts to take power while the Chiss Constitution had yet to be completed. Pravus had hoped that Rachel would select him as her heir.

Rachel grew weary of her position and those to who she had been charged, having suddenly thrust into the position following Sabosen's assassination.She then angrily announced her resignation, and that she her last act for the Ascendancy would be to complete a contract with the Aurodium Legion. Rachel then infected herself with the Metamorphosis Plague

Reius,in his role as Aristocra Yar, then acted by securing personnel and materials in what is now known as the Chiss Succession Crisis. Before the Crisis, Reius had been only known to outsiders as secondary member of the Chiss Ascendancy, similar in status to the owner of an affiliated company of a government, and subordinate to them. They had no understanding that Reius was Rachel's legal equal under Chiss law.

When the Fifth Chiss Ascendancy dissolved on Year 14 Day 129, Reius reorganized House Yar Technologies as the Sixth, and a grateful Chiss Parliament passed the "Stewardship of the Ascendancy Act" which granted House Yar "stewardship" over legal claim to the Chiss Ascendancy name against any and all other potential claimants, to prevent the intrigues of those who wished to succeed where Pravus Malum(who became infected with the metamorphosis plague and was no longer Chiss) had failed.

House Yar also helped to finish what Houses Sabosen, Nakesh, and Csapla had started by ratifying the Chiss Constitution.

House Yar had risked much to preserve the Chiss Ascendancy following the assassination of Drak`ora Sabosen and the Chiss Succession Crisis, but all would not be well. House Yar staff would soon report to their Aristocra that his business partner and wife Davney Saffron was dead, the price fate had extracted from the rising Aristocra.


  • Aristocra
  • Syndic
  • Blood-Born
  • Trial-Born
  • Merit Adoptive