Black Sun Brings Stability To Taspir

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Posted by: Kyran Caelius - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 19 Day 208 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser [BSS] Receiver in system Taspir (-80, 382).

Hello. This is Cynthia Kappa of Black Sun News Network, bringing you the latest updates on the recent developments in the Taspir system.

After the failure of the Dynali organizations in Taspir, the system was thrown into disarray. Taking advantage of the chaos, the Galactic Alliance leveraged the despair and suffering of the people to gain a foothold in the system. The citizens of Taspir reached out to Black Sun for protection from the predations of various corporate machinations and terrorists from the Duchy of Tolonda and New Republic. Black Sun's Family Council accepted the gracious request, extending full citizenship and the rights thus earned to any who declared their allegiance to Black Sun. The humanitarian crisis in Taspir prevented a formal request for protection from the fractured society, but with help, they managed to get back on their feet and to find their voice, which has loudly proclaimed its loyalty to Black Sun and the Dark Prince.

Prior to this proclamation, Black Sun's presence in the system was limited to humanitarian aid in the form of shelter and clean water projects, following abandonment by the aforementioned business interests. However, Tolondan representative Corey Vildras declared that all aid workers in Taspir would be killed on sight without provocation or justification, stating, "Failure [to yield and withdraw] will result in The Archduchy of Tolonda Grand Sacred Shields enforcing martial law." Under the threat of Tolondan attacks on Black Sun aid workers, medical staff, and other non-combatants, the situation escalated. The Galactic Alliance-aligned duchy's threats of kidnapping workers and enforcing the death penalty without trial, in a jurisdiction where they hold no legal status, ensured the arrival of Black Sun's military forces. These threats were further compounded by the arrival of the Duchy's ally, the New Republic. The forces of the Galactic Alliance attempted to prevent all aid from reaching the population via multiple failed attacks, in an effort to force the citizens of Taspir system to capitulate under the threat of violence.


The Family Council released a statement categorically condemning the actions of the Duchy of Tolonda and New Republic, stating that the naked acts of terrorism would be met with the full force of justice and retribution. With the complete support of the local population, Black Sun troops began cleaning out those who seemed to be providing the Galactic Alliance governments and their corporate interests with intelligence. Dark Prince Jeor Knight, gave a heartfelt speech to the people of Taspir saying that he regrets that Black Sun must now meet violence with violence, but it has become clear that only through the iron fist will corporate greed and terrorism be quashed in the system. The Dark Prince authorized the mobilization of the Máurari Blackguard, who led counter-terrorist operations. Justice has been swift and initial reports indicate massive losses by the Galactic Alliance. Morale among the subversives is at an all-time low and analysts expect the surrender of the remnants within days.


Relief efforts continue as engineers work to provide adequate food, shelter, and access to medical services. In the days which have followed the Taspir citizens' official proclamation of support for Black Sun's governance, the former corporations which controlled the system sold all holdings to the Black Sun government, acknowledging Black Sun's sovereignty in the new expanded territories. Following the apparent merger of the sole remaining Dynali corporation into the Duchy of Tolonda and New Republic, the Family Council released another statement, this time expressing both sadness and concern for the future of the other citizens of the Dynali sector, "We only hope that the violence exhibited towards the inhabitants of Taspir will not be unleashed upon those in Ord Thoden." Vigo of Infrastructure Jad Hep Viridux has predicted that the Taspir system will soon be a bright jewel of economic prosperity and industry in the sector, another system brought into the fold of peace, justice, and order in the galaxy.

We here at BSNN extend our warmest welcome to the newest citizens of Black Sun. We have already begun establishing outlets and permanent reporters in the system to keep you up to date with any changes at a moment's notice. This has been Cynthia Kappa, bringing you the news.