Corey Vildras

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Corey Vildras
Corey Vildras.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Pau`an
Homeworld Utapau
House Vildras
Marital Status Single
Siblings Korinas Vildras (brother)
Children Tachibana Ryu(Adopted)
Born N/A
Languages Basic - Hutt - Mando - Pau’an
Religion Zhellic Ecclesiastical
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Coloring Grey
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Archduchy of Tolonda
Title Duke of Tamra
Rank Duke - Heir Apparent
Positions Head of Government
Prior Affiliation Tytus Tactical Solutions
VP Capital Group
Tresario Star Kingdom
Confederacy of Independent Systems
Anzatan Commonwealth
Veritas Press
InterGalactic Banking Clan
The Mercenary Guild
The Pentastar Alignment
Galentro Heavy Works
Creshaldyne Industries
Blackout Shipyards
Old Republic