Ord Thoden

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Ord Thoden
General information
Sector Dynali
Galactic Coordinates (-86, 376)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 2
Suns 1
Moons 1
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 31
Population 425,530,005
Controlled By New Republic
Astrographic Entry Ord Thoden

The Ord Thoden system is a system of the Dynali Sector, once controlled by the Old Republic. In late year 13, it was the location of a dispute between the Old Republic and Brendak Kolto. Kolto had subsequently stolen the moon through his hostile takeover of Vital Enterprises and held the moon Ord Thoden 1 hostage. Due to the Old republic's disinterest in buying the moon it was listed on the open market. Soon after, Wim Jurgen - of the Old Republic - released a statement on public trading channels threatening the eventual use of force to recover the moon.[1] Despite the Old Republic's impending threat, the moon was sold on the open market to Lilith Delcroix.[2]

The system was once owned by the Dynali Government under rule by Skyla Pendragon, and Benjamin Najman. As of Year 20, it is owned by the New Republic.


Planet Position Type Size Population Controller
Ord Thoden (13, 13) cold/breathable 13x13 198,155,007 New Republic
Ord Thoden II (6, 7) cold/no atmosphere 6x6 221,407,605 New Republic
Ord Thoden 1 (14, 13) moon 2x2 5,967,393 New Republic
Ord Thoden Sun (10, 10) sun 30x30 0 None