Ord Thoden

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Ord Thoden
General information
Sector Dynali
Galactic Coordinates (-86, 376)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 2
Suns 1
Moons 1
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 13
Population 13,531,698
Controlled By The Krath Dynasty
Astrographic Entry Ord Thoden

The Ord Thoden system is a system of the Dynali Sector controlled by the Old Republic. In late year 13 it was the location of a dispute between the Old Republic and Brendak Kolto. Kolto had subsequently stolen the moon through his hostile takeover of Vital Enterprises and held the moon Ord Thoden 1 hostage. Due to the Old republic's disinterest in buying the moon it was listed on the open market. Soon after, Wim Jurgen - of the Old Republic - released a statement on public trading channels threatening the eventual use of force to recover the moon.[1] Despite the Old Republic's impending threat, the moon was sold on the open market to Lilith Delcroix.[2]


Planet Position Type Size Population Controller
Ord Thoden (13, 13) cold/breathable 13x13 2,311,780 The Krath Dynasty
Ord Thoden II (6, 7) cold/no atmosphere 6x6 11,219,731 None
Ord Thoden 1 (14, 13) moon 2x2 187 None
Ord Thoden Sun (10, 10) sun 30x30 0 None


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