Black Sun On Schedule With Uli Swap Meet Preparations

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Posted by: Jeor Knight - Faction: Black Sun

Date: Year 17 Day 155 Onboard the Darkstar Battleship [BSS] Ill Gotten Gains in system Malicar (94, 402).

Bsgnsy17d155 1.png

Greetings wonderful citizens of Black Sun and the larger Galaxy. Today the Black Sun News Network brings you the latest news from all of our glorious sectors. Our top story this month is the Second Memorial Swap Meet which will be taking place through the days 176 and 182. Dark Prince Jeor Knight has declared the event a public holiday and is rumoured to be personally making an appearance, accompanied by many fine products from Black Sun's premier production corporation, Shobquix Industries including the exclusive limited release of Black Sun Hover Tanks and Vipers.

Under the diligent eye of Vigo Leigh Kellan, Shobquix Industries has reported that it has increased its production and logistics efforts in order to provide the luxurious ships and vehicles to be sold at the Swap Meet. The industrial behemoth has been preparing its stock for months in anticipation of the Swap Meet. Let us not forget the hard-working logistics team tasked with delivering all of these very special ships and vehicles to the Planet of Milanus Prime, the magnificent location for this amazing and exciting event!

Bsgnsy17d155 2.png

The event has been hosted by the Knights of the Fountain in memorial of the late Jawa Uli-ah Gafsa, who opened the Jawa tradition of Swap Meets to the larger galaxy. This year, the Swap Meet will be taking place on the neutral planet of Millus Prime in the Ash Worlds Sector. The Black Sun Travel Advisory Commission reports that it has seen a massive influx of visitors to the Ash Worlds sector in preparation for the Swap Meet, and advises any visitors to the system of Iego that travel may be congested.

The tourism branch of Iego, in co-operation with the Ministry of Indoctrination and the Blades of the Prince, welcomes all visitors to the magnificent and glorious Iego system. Black Sun has relaxed its usual travel restrictions in the Iego system in order to allow for visitors to travel to Millus Prime for the Swap Meet. The presence of Black Sun's military arm, the Blades of the Prince, has also been increased to ensure the safety of all guests.

Bsgnsy17d155 3.png