Bourne Family

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The Bourne Family is a Corellian family which is prominent in politics and business, and is often associated with family-enterprise Medusa, as well as Imperial society. Public records on the Bournes can be difficult to get a hold of as many files associated with their activities are either classified or deleted, but some information exists on various Holocrons around the galaxy and by word of mouth.



1. Jack Bourne m. (born Year -42 Day 175)- Scarlette Bourne (Chayes) f. (born Year -43 Day 122)

  • b. Logan Bournem. (Year -16 Day 137 – Year -10 Day 166)
  • d. Emily Bourne f. (born Year -13 Day 164)
  • e. Alex Bourne f. (born Year -11 Day 2)

Notable Secondary

  • Scarlette Bourne, born as maiden Chayes, is the sister of Liam. Liam Chayes is the father of Isla Chayes.

Family Tree

                                                                                   │                                                                │
                                                    Jack Bourne m. ───┬─── Scarlett Bourne (Chayes) f.                                          Liam Chayes m. ───┬─── Olivia Chayes (Byrnes) f.
                                                                      │                                                                                           │
              ┌───────────────────────────────────────────────────────┼────────────────────────┬──────────────────┬──────────────────┐                            │
              │                                                       │                        │                  │                  │                            │
       Michael Bourne m. ───┬─── Annalisa Bourne (Ros`e) f.     Logan Bournem.        John Bourne m.     Emily Bourne f.     Alex Bourne f.               Isla Chayes f.
                       Lucas Bourne m.