John Bourne

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John Bourne
John Bourne Large.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (Human)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Scarlette Bourne
Father Jack Bourne
Siblings Michael Bourne, Logan Bourne, Emily Bourne, Alex Bourne
Born Year -14 Day 98
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 182cm
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Covert Activities Cadre (The Resistance),
Rank [C-3] Lieutenant General
Positions Director, Resistance Intelligence
Prior Affiliation New Republic
Awards John Bourne Awards.png

John Bourne (born Year -14 Day 98) is an artificially-modified Corellian entrepreneur, and the Director of Intelligence in The Resistance. Despite having come from a privileged family where he would be comfortable in the Galactic Empire, John found it difficult to obey all that was expected of him and scarpered for a life elsewhere in the galaxy. He spent many years as a petty thief working contracts in the outer reaches of the galaxy before he was arrested and subsequently recruited (due to his unique skills) into the rebellion. Aside from his professional responsibilities, John (like his brother Michael) is a successful billionaire socialite, trader, womanizer, and is an avid hunter and motorcycle/swoop enthusiast.

Due to his decision to abandon all that his family offered him and to associate with an enemy of the Empire, John's connection has been severed with family enterprise Medusa, an embodiment of Imperial corruption that he views to be a problem with the galaxy.


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As a young boy, John was noticeably different to his two older brothers. While Michael and Logan often found themselves in the center of large groups of other children, John was often an outlier and spent a lot of his time fighting with and bullying other children. This was of some concern to his parents who sent him to a child psychologist who largely determined that John was actually a genius but due to his restless nature he was destined to have some trouble following rules. Such a diagnosis was reflective of the overall theme of his childhood, as he found himself getting involved in street gangs from a young age and committing crimes such as petty theft. It was not before he was a teenager however when he graduated into aggravated and armed robbery, and started finding himself in trouble with the law.

Thanks to his family's connections in Imperial society John was able to avoid facing a court on the secret condition that John's parents reigned him in. Fearing that John would end up spending a life behind bars, his parents enlisted the help of their oldest son and 'golden child' Michael Bourne. Michael and John spent some time together and for a while John had come back from the brink. Both brothers attended the University of Coruscant where John studied law which he found quite easy, if not boring. As a result, it was not long before he started getting mixed up in his old ways; drugs, gambling, and an insatiable addiction to women. John dropped out of law school and left his college home on Coruscant for the Outer Rim to follow a lifestyle of crime and hedonism.



"I do what I want, when I want... and there's nobody around who will ever stop me!" - John Bourne

John Bourne Robbery.jpg
Found Footage from an Aggravated Robbery.

After disappearing into the galaxy John mostly committed himself to illegal, lucrative ventures. Given that he had witnessed what he saw as corruption in the Empire first hand, he had no qualms with hijacking freighters, and robbing prominent businesses and individuals with ties to his old life. He began to get into the distribution and sale of drugs and other contraband. Every so often John would work as an independent contractor to many of the organised crime groups doing anything from running customs to collecting debts. On one occasion he was asked to work on a project on which he discovered that his client at the time was kidnapping and selling women for sexual slavery; he broke the guy's arm in three places and warned him that if he ever was ever found to be doing business again John would come back and finish him personally. This was one of only a couple of times that John drew a boundary in the type of work he would get involved in- he wants to collect currency, not hurt people. John viewed crime as a means to an end not an end in of itself.

He continued his career for some time and built up somewhat of a reputation among thieves as a go to guy if you ever wanted to get anything done. Although he has affiliated, he has never formally been a part of any particular crime organisation- preferring to avoid limiting his opportunities and working with personal associates. He operated as the head of a small crew committing crimes for currency, and occasionally enforcing on behalf of larger gangs. It was dangerous work but the money was worthwhile. Nobody ever took him beating someone to an inch of their life personally.

On Year 15, Day 325, his record of never being captured by police came to an abrupt end when he and a couple of others from his crew were arrested during a hijacking near New Republic space. He had been wanted for some time by the authorities of multiple jurisdictions, the judge threw the book at him and he was sentenced to 24 years in a maximum security penitentiary for charges including grievous bodily harm, racketeering, obstruction of justice, illegal gambling, extortion, tax evasion, fraud, and grand larceny. He would never find out until he faced court that he was arrested due to intelligence given by a mole within his own crew, as part of an arrest plea bargain. John wasn't even furious, just disappointed. The amount of time he had invested with this person was enough that he considered him a part of his own family. He seethed quietly without breaking eye contact as his so called-brother testified against him.

Once in jail John quickly identified the hierarchy between prisoners and put together a small crew to operate in a similar fashion to the one he formed on the outside. Initially focusing on smuggling and trading, he preferred to keep a smaller profile and only used violence in self-defence. As John's skills were useful to the network the larger gangs fought one another but left him alone. He was neural and profited from everyone and everything. John and his crew quickly became a group to be reckoned with, given that he was not involved with any of the petty disputes and that their enterprise had become a systemically important institution. It also helped that John had formed a good personal relationship with the staff of the prison and ensured they received their necessary kickbacks.

New Republic

Army Exercises on Serroco.

"I, John Bourne, do solemnly swear, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the New Republic..."

After some time in prison, John was visited by two men who said they could negotiate a deal in which he could be released in return for his assistance. His skills as a criminal had been deemed useful enough to make him attractive as a recruit in the rebellion, and an offer was tabled. John was understandably sceptical, until he was handed a manifesto of Republican values. Having witnessed first hand the devastating effects of the very corruption that his own family had benefited from (including the slaughter and subjugation of the vulnerable), John found the cause of the Republic noble and accepted the deal, in which he swore fidelity to their fight against injustice and the Empire.

John was released from prison and formally made a citizen of the New Republic as of Year 16 Day 208, when his custody was transferred to the Academy and he became enlisted as an [E-1] Officer Cadet. Due to the exceptional circumstances surrounding his enlistment, all records kept surrounding his arrest, imprisonment, and release have been sealed. Fellow citizens and colleagues would have described John as a capable officer who was an optimist and enthusiastic for the future ahead of him. On Year 16 D211, John graduated from the Academy and was made an [O-1] 2nd Lieutenant.

John adapted to his new life as an Army Officer with ease, and became quickly recognised and promoted for his hard work and efficiency. after word reached home that he had joined the rebellion however, he was ex-communicated and told that even Medusa's reach in the Empire weren't deep enough to save him.

Operation Second Strike

On Year 16 Day 290, 1st Lieutenant Bourne, along with a contingent of fellow officers arrived in Serroco under a joint forces military command. Operation Second Strike was an operation conducted by the government of the New Republic in order to assist in the quarantine of a planet-wide outbreak of the Great Animosity Plague, which was previously thought to be contained on Derra IV. Given conditions brought on by the result of the outbreak, forces were required to enforce law and order which had dissolved after widespread panic and the declaration of a state of emergency.

Overall, forces and combatants were successful in reducing hostilities between bandits and civilians seeking to take advantage of chaos, as well as in the provision of food and water to citizens around the New Republic's Landing Zone. Only one contact with the forces of an enemy combatant were reported, which resulted in that combatant being neutralised.

As a result of his actions on the mission, John received commendation from his superiors via a Military Exercise, and Combat Award.

Operation Second Strike was announced that it would come to a close during the Year 17 Day 71 State of the Republic (SotR) address, during which John was awarded the Second Strike Operational Ribbon.


At some point during John's career with the New Republic, John was recruited into New Republic Intelligence. The details of his work there remains at this time, top secret.

The Resistance

"Throughout the galaxy, men and women from all walks of life are working to advance the Mission & Values of the Galactic Alliance..."

Resistance Officers.jpg
Operatives are briefed before a classified mission.

After serving some time in the New Republic, John (then an Army Major) felt that he had achieved everything he could in that position and gave up his commission as a military and intelligence officer to join The Resistance. Once there he founded the Covert Activities Cadre, a unit tasked with unconventional war methods. It was not long before Supreme Commander Crueya Vandron recognized his ability in the field, and he was promoted to 2IC of Resistance Intelligence proper.

As of Year 17 Day 322, John has been promoted to the position of Director of Intelligence. He also serves on The Resistance's War Council.

John's work includes running infiltration and clandestine operations in order to advance the mission of The Resistance and the wider Galactic Alliance. It is believed that tens of operatives who are currently working throughout the Imperial Union and other parts of the galaxy report to him, and work alongside many other allied intelligence organisations. He is also known to deploy an uncommon strategy of recruiting openly and selecting the most trusted of operatives for particularly secure missions.

Sources report that they have already made several important achievements, however to date the details of these operations remain classified.


After gaining experience on the Serroco battlefield while in the New Republic, John became curious and interested in the way of the Mando'ade. He respected their culture and abilities and committed himself to understanding them further, including the Resol'nare.

Awards and Citations

New Republic

  • < 1 Year Service Ribbon
  • Army Command Service Ribbon
  • Training Ribbon
  • Republic Readiness Award
  • Military Officer of the Month Award
  • Army Exercise Award
  • Combat Action Ribbon