Michael Bourne

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Michael Bourne
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (Human)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Scarlette Bourne
Father Jack Bourne
Spouse Annalisa Ros`e
Siblings Logan Bourne, John Bourne, Emily Bourne, Alex Bourne
Children Lucas Bourne
Born Year -16 Day 137
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 173cm
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire, Medusa
Rank Family Leader, Boss
Prior Affiliation Tion Hegemony
"I don't care what you've done or where you've come from. The only thing that matters to me is who you are today and where you're going."

Michael Bourne (born Year -16 Day 137), known by his dark-sider name 'Amethyst', was a Corellian entrepreneur and a former Battle Star Captain in the 2nd Fleet of the Tion Hegemony. After having served in the military of the Tion Hegemony and various other public positions he has retired from prominence and resumed life as in the Galactic Empire. There he lead family-enterprise Medusa for a while and lived with his wife and single child on homeworld Corellia. After detecting a disturbance in the Force, Michael mysteriously abandoned his commission as the Patriach of the Bourne family and left the galaxy for worlds beyond with his wife and child. Not much is known about his reasons why, but notes he left behind allude to the possibility that he has made contact with and saw it important to assist in the development of an unknown but primitive race, known as the Yuuzhan Vong.


Early Life

See also: Bourne Family

Michael comes from a little known but influential family who are predominantly affiliated with the Galactic Empire. Not much information is available to the public about his family's dealings but there is a belief that their reach spreads deep into the various echelons of the Empire. Because of this, Michael and his family have enjoyed a noticeable amount of privileges in Imperial society, despite themselves not holding any important ranks or offices.

Certain details about Michael's upbringing seem to be have protected as a state secret, going so far to as have had records noticably deleted or archived from public view. Some of those include the location of his birth; a secret military base on the Planet Corellia, birth and death records of Logan Bourne, his identical twin brother, and the movements of his family and their Imperial as well as non-Imperial associates.

Due to his family's operations Michael spent quite a bit of time travelling between Corellia and Coruscant. It is understood that his parents spent some time away in further reaches of the galaxy and did not take Michael with them. As he got older the Corellian studied in University and was thought to be a likely heir to the family business when he instead opted to forge out a path of his own in the galaxy. As a last bid attempt to dissuade Michael from leaving he was approached by officials within the Galactic Empire and offered a position in law enforcement that most would have to spend many years working toward, but his mind was already made up and Michael declined the offer.

Graduation and the Tion Hegemony

Being that Michael preferred to work for his achievements, he decided to fly to the Outer Rim where he was offered citizenship and employment with Tion. During his service in the Tionese armed forces, Michael was quickly promoted to the role of Executive Officer (XO) for the 2nd Fleet where he served under the leadership of Fleet Admiral Mercurio Plomez, until his temporary resignation after irreconcilable differences with a co-officer.

The period that followed within Tion was marked by turbulence. After a dramatic turn of events resulted in Neria Derycke being expelled from the Tion Hegemony less than 24 hours later by Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin, Michael was offered to have his service reinstated within the Tionese military. He took his time to weigh his options, before accepting to resume his enlistment. His redux would not last too long however, as Bourne would later more permanently resign after becoming disaffected. Interests outside of the Hegemony also contributed to his decision to move on. Michael's decision to end his service with Tion was closely followed by associates Xyre Weltmon and Calindra Hejaran.

Achievements during his enlistment include the liberation of Hermos, his leadership within 2nd Fleet, and the transformation of the controversial organisation SRP (Sentient Resources Program) into the Tion Trading Bureau, which was later nationalized and placed under the Directorship of Takao Asai.


Immediately after leaving the Tion Hegemony, Michael flew back to Corellia to catch up with his family. Duties within Tion had been keeping him busy for the most part and he felt he had been neglecting what his father had deemed 'family responsibilities'. As the eldest of three children, Michael assumed the title of Family Leader within his family's organisation, and was later awarded full ownership & control. As the former Family Leader, Michael's father is retired but serves as an advisor on the Board of Directors.

As Boss of Medusa, it is understood that Michael personally controlled and directed all operations, with the exception of those led by his wife and appointed 'Underboss', Annalisa Ros`e. Not much is publicly known about the nature of his company and what kinds of business it engages in; in fact most files have been conspicuously deleted or hidden from view by upper echelons of the Galactic Empire, under which government's laws it operates in. Other databanks which have been put together by observers may well exist, but their accuracy can be difficult to confirm.

Resignation and disappearance

As Michael became increasingly busy with matters of the force, he began taking trips and delegating control over Medusa's activities to other family members and associates. He did not say much except to the closest of his family, before resigning as patriach of the Bourne Family and mysteriously up and leaving the galaxy with his wife and son. Those close to him would testify that Michael had found it important to personally attend to interests relevant to the future of the galaxy among the stars beyond. As rumour would have it, Michael has made contact with a relatively primitive race in need of shaping and assistance that he has referred to as the Yuuzhan Vong.

Personal life

Michael has been relatively secret about his personal life, preferring to keep as much as possible unmentioned. To his closest friends and associates he has been known to be a playboy, throwing extravagant yet exclusive sex, drug, and alcohol fuelled parties and having a "larger than life" attitude. On the contrary, Michael is also a close confidant to many and tends to make people feel comfortable with his warm and non-judgemental approach to others.

Although he spent much of his time growing up seen around women, Michael entertained very few serious romantic partners. One known relationship was with an associate by the name of Julia Ka Djo, who Michael had grown up with due to the association between his and her families. Michael has also been seen spending a lot of personal time and being generally romantic with Baroness Calindra Hejaran. Much speculation was made at the time about their relationship, after the pair was seen together closely at the Year 15, D300 Tionese "Day of Unity" celebrations. Such rumours were put to an end however when Michael privately confirmed that the couple had gone their separate ways under personal circumstances. Michael was once again seen with half a dozen different women before finally engaging, and marrying long time family and business associate Annalisa Ros`e.

It was not long before Michael and Annalisa announced that Annalisa was pregnant, and nine months afterward she gave birth to their firstborn son, Lucas.

The Force

Michael is a confirmed force-sensitive, spending much of his time in training between business meetings. Although it is known that his family has a deep connection with the Order of the Sith, it is believed that the Corellian has presented himself for admission as of yet. Such behaviour is actually considered by most citizens to be a violation of the Force Act which can normally get you killed. No warrants have been issued for Michael's arrest however, which leads to further speculation about his position within Imperial society; whether his violations of the law are for some reason overlooked or if he has received endorsement or permission for his activities.

As of Year 16 Day 239, Michael has assumed the identity of dark-side force user 'Amethyst'.


Discovery of Hermos

While on a routine patrol in nearby Spadja, Michael, then a Star Captain in the 2nd Fleet of the Tion Hegemony recieved a distress call in a frequency that was not used in galactic communications for a number of centuries. Upon further inspection, Michael discovered the Hermos system which had been forgotten by galactic cartographers after it was held hostage and cut off from the rest of the galaxy by pirates - thought to have descended from Yesgar's pirates; which were known to have once operated in the area.

After the ensuring battle in which the pirates were last seen fleeing from Hermos, the system and its inhabitants were liberated. A treaty was made between them and the government of the Tion Hegemony to offer them protectorate status and for Hermos to become a part of the Greater Tion Cluster.

Professional Appointments

During his career, Michael has been appointed to serve on the boards of two seperate organisations. First was the Trade Federation's Department of Trade, where he provided professional advice as an Outside Director. The second was his appointment as Administrator and to the Board of the Tion Hegemony's Tion Trading Bureau, while he was responsible for that organisation's restructure. Both appointments have finished due to the end of that role and his separation from Tion respectively.

Since leaving Tion, Michael has assumed the position of President as well as ownership of his family's business. The nature of his company is unknown to most, although there is much speculation that his connections span the galaxy ranging anywhere from government officials, heads of state, entrepreneurs, traders, and infamous criminals.