Clan Vel

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Clan Vel
General Information
Leader Consul Sevok Vel
Motto "He tapu ōna toto, e koa ana mātau ki te whakahaere i a mātau hai tiaki i a ia.."
Headquarters The Sunken City, Kiffu
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Clans of Kiffu

Clans of Kiffex

Independent Kiffar Clans

Various Factions & Governments

Type Minor Clan

Historical Information

"We've lost so much, we've lost so many.. be it at the hands of our enemies or the hands of our neighbors. I suppose any onlooker could easily say that death and destruction is just in our blood. Perhaps that is true, but I tell you the mother's spirit and sacred blood pulses within us equally! The soil of the mother has provided for our kind for far longer than any elder can recall, look at her now! The soil her flesh, dry and cracked.. the magma that flows her open wounds! These endless conflicts have caused our sacred world to suffer and bleed! I tell you my kinsmen.. she can no longer take it. It is up to the few of us left to make the changes needed to save her. These outsiders must be driven out and our worlds reclaimed! Her blood is sacred.. and so gladly shall we spill our own to protect her!""
Unknown Vel Warrior, during the Black Sun occupation.

An accurate statement all those years ago that holds even more true today. So much and so many have perished over countless years. This has ultimately resulted in not only countless lives being lost, but untold amounts of cultural arts and lore being swept away in the violence and blood shed. What few pieces of Clan Vel's history do remain often times take the form of relics from a forgotten age, long lost even before the occupation, and it can easily be stated that they were and still are treated just as valuable and sacred as Kiffu within the clan. This added on with the countless years that the clan practiced strict isolation from the rest of the galaxy, and even from some Kiffar clans, it can be easily said that whatever knowledge and secrets that have been preserved are a well protected and never shared with anyone not of the clan. In more recent years however the clan has taken several steps to move away from their isolationist ways and reach out in the galaxy. Part of doing this was the clans willingness to be more open about some of its more recent history and its culture, and other information pertaining to the clan.

The Silence

The occupation of the Azurbani System by Black Sun resulted in the intentional introduction of powerful modern weaponry to the ongoing conflicts between the clans on both planets. Both Kiffex and Kiffu erupted in wars, and the Kiffar race as a whole quickly began to deplete. Entire bloodlines and clans were annihilated. Eventually these conflicts came to a stop, and Black Sun was pushed out. Several of the remaining clans managed to push through the bitterness of the past and moved forward. For Clan Vel though this just was not an option. While they were never a large or powerful clan in the grand scheme of things, they were fiercely dedicated to protecting the heritage and lives of their species as a whole. Several of Clan Vel's men and women could proudly claim their time with the Kiffu Guardians, but when all the conflict had ended the bulk of the clan's holdings were lost and the bloodline of Clan Vel was in the mid teens with only a couple of the clans leaders still alive. All but destroyed these survivors picked up what they could carry and left nearly all public view. As unforgiving as Kiffu could be to even the most prepared of sentients it was widely assumed that the remnants of Clan Vel had died off after a few years with no contact. For those within the clan, this period in time became known as "The Silence". In this exodus the clan had travelled from place to place for months and were forbidden from revealing their true identities to anyone they should meet. Eventually this wandering came to an end when the remnants arrived at a vast network of caverns in the north eastern province of Kiffu. It was here that they would make their new home and rebuild.