Dail Llwybr Gwaed

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Dail Llwybr Gwaed
Y19 D267
Biographical Information
Race Cathar
Homeworld None
Born Year -3 Day 125
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5.1 feet
Eye Color orange
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Rank Minister of Interior
Dail all medals.png

Dail Llwybr Gwaed is a Minister inside Ministry of Interior appointed by Viceroy Jacob Jansen on Year 17, Day 196. Proud servant of Trade Federation inside the Ministry of Interior, this young Cathar has contracted her skills to a number of other Departments. She served as an Admissions Officer via Holonet for a number of Trade Federation Recruitment halls around the Galaxy, helping new recruits in their first steps through their new career. Also, a branch of Morale inside the Culture Department was formed and on Year 15, Day 130 Dail took charge of it as a Team Leader, stepping down from the position on Y16 Day 53, due to personal reasons. Lending a hand wherever possible, Dail has a busy life, always on the run and always in movement; a state she prefers most.


Birth and childhood

Dail was born on Year -3 at a luxurious Space Station inside Lantillian sector to Arthio and Gath Gwaed. Her litter consisted of several other kittens that remain scattered all around the Galaxy, due to their profession choices. Arthio, a proud father, and Gath, her mother, kept Dail and the other kittens safe and well fed, regardless of their lowly positions as station workers; Arthio was a space station repairman, while Gath, or commonly called by the kittens Fach, due to her compassionate nature, worked the mensa as a cook. Kittens grew and played in the lower reaches, oblivious to the tasks and obligations of adults. Dail's skills surfaced at an early age: her technical demeanor guided her to fiddle with broken household appliances and droids, revealing her restoration skills. A true member of her race, she raced and pounded with her siblings, sharpening her senses, agility, and physical balance, slowly becoming a lean huntress; a true prospect for a future Blood Hunt.


Upon reaching the age of ten Dail sat down with her parents and asked them about acquiring work. Arthio approved, but Gath still considered her a little kitten and objected, although it was a rather silent objection, so with Year 7 Day 134 Dail has acquired a position of Intern inside the station's Repair and Recycle Division, led by an old Toydarian named Kollu. Repair and Recycle Division were an odd bunch; Toydarian led the team of six: small Jawa mechanic named Nkin and Chadra-Fan named T'Nil, commonly known as Dwarvies for their ability to enter small, narrow compartments in order to engage repairing a broken conduit, a female Wookiee named Katchill and Sluissi named Sera-Lu were usually employed when heavy lifting was required, and for precision Kollu had Hyltar, female Squib, and Edna, female Coruscanti. This motley crew accepted Dail in their ranks and everyone considered her a personal apprentice, leaving Dail to either go mad or learn a great deal about repair and recycle. Thanks to her dexterity and young mind, she took everything in like a sponge, learning along the way. Several months later, Dail was unofficial second in command of R&R Division, managing "the troops" and repairing highly volatile locations herself. With increased responsibility came increased respect and she was often asked about her opinion, on both personal matters as those business related.

Departure to a wider Galaxy

Feeling she has learned much from R&R, as she came to call them, Dail decided to leave the station for a more daunting task, more knowledge, more challenge. Once again she talked with her parents and got an approval, after several misplaced comments about her personality by her parents. She booked a passage on a beaten Barloz-class freighter, bound for Shataum sector. Year 11 Day 224 marked her voyage to a brighter future. Paying her voyage aboard the freighter by her services as a repairwoman, she was given scarce accommodations, but she didn't complain. The ship had a lot of work to do, and upon reaching Shataum, she had it in almost prime condition, much to the Captain's surprise. Boarding another trading station, she found herself at a familiar surrounding and quickly devised a way to learn a new trade: she will advertise her services and see what crawls out. Several days passed before she received an offer she couldn't refuse: Master Repairmen on a Strike-class cruiser. One look through the transparisteel at the magnificent vessel was more than enough for her to sign onboard.

Offeryn Lladd

Manning the engine room for any pending repairs, Dail had time to brush up her technical knowledge as well as to familiarize herself with the ship. The mercenary crew usually took easy patrol or convoy duties and Dail had minor issues with broken appliances and terminals, right until they hit the first pirate raid, few parsecs after entering Phalleem sector. The vessel took a heavy beating and the crew decided to condemn it, in order to acquire a new ship. Dail couldn't allow that; she took out several loans, including one from an infamous loanshark, in order to buy off the Strike-class. Naming her Offeryn Lladd, she had her towed into Kuat Drive Yard facilities in order to make repairs herself, while contracting out her services. After several years of contracting, she realized that Offeryn Lladd won't be ready for a few more cycles and, running out of funds, she had to find work. The closest business opportunity was Trade Federation, a neutral government set around principles of honor, integrity and, what she found inviting at that point, profit.

Entering the Service

Upon completing the Academy at Year 14 Day 117 in top five percent of her class, Dail was assigned as a pilot to Department of Logistics. Unfamiliar with piloting controls, she had a few hiccups along the way, but quickly got intimately acquainted with various missions. Early in her career, she found that long hypertrips that were called for when hauling equipment and materials across the Sectors were exactly what she desired for. Her positive approach to every mission was not overseen, as she quickly went through ranks, reaching the rank of Flight Sergeant at Year 14 Day 282. End of Year 14 found Dail promoted to a Flight Lead Officer, leading her team of Pilots into the fray of Logistics missions, all the while keeping herself busy with hauling. Several high profile missions were thrown at her, to see if she's worth of something more than just a pilot. Performing admirably, Dail proved that she was indeed intended for something more.


TFL Magnanimous

Early Year 15 found Dail deeply engrossed in her team's missions that she almost misplaced her promotion to Deputy Director of Logistics at Year 15 Day 60. Throwing her into the fray, Director Salo gave her open hands regarding the day-to-day operations of the Department. Dail approached her new position carefully, not wanting to diminish the importance of previous Directors. She implemented several procedures and manuals for a better understanding of the Department, all the while keeping it running, keeping the pilots occupied and allowing the flow of goods inside the Federation.

In addition, she was given access to her new command ship, Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship named TFL Magnanimous, which is used heavily for entity hauling missions, ranging from ships to raw materials. Her pride and joy, albeit a bit slow, she uses it expertly in every situation, darting from one side of Trade Federation space to another. Countless thousands tons of raw materials have been transported with it and more than five hundred ships have passed through its enormous cargo hold.

Year 15 was extremely successful for Dail, as she was promoted to full Director of Logistics on Day 208, pending retirement of previous Director, Marco Salo. Promotion came straight from Minister of Interior, Marcus Justinian. Being caught by a surprise is an achievement on itself, as Dail didn't anticipate it; being engrossed in her work didn't help either - the datapad containing the promotion memo almost slipped her attention. Within her duties she found the time to visit her homeworld and found that several of her race found current regime oppressive and constricting; even Dail herself didn't approve of some Krath teachings. She offered them a safe haven within Trade Federation space and several hundred Cathar went with her, settling on the planet Mantesa within Dail's personal facilities.



Early Year 16 found Dail engrossed with work on various projects. Seeing she won't be able to continue at the pace she set forth, Dail filed in her resignation to Director of Admissions Augustine Phiro, stepped down from her position as Morale Team Team Leader and thanked the Citizenship Approval Board for having her. Her time with the Federation was only starting and she felt the need to go to her roots - Logistics. She engrossed herself with training her Deputy, Dro Siphodius, and making sure that the Department runs efficiently. Logistics was her passion, her life. She started there and she was elevated to command all the pilots to a better future.

Following the merger between The Avance Coalition and Trade Federation, their respective leaders, Viceroy Jacob Jansen and First Seat Navik Ikron organized a raffle for all members of the new family. Dail was lucky enough to win a Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser which she named Gofawlr, meaning Caretaker in Catharese. Further down the line, she gifted the vessel to Drew Minga, hoping he will have more use from it than her.

Some time afterward, Dail started her training for the Blood Hunt and she wasn't alone. Her Cathar colony on the planet Mantesa grew exponentially for months, taking in more disgruntled Cathar, and she turned to her people for help. The result were Nei'sil Cathari, a batallion of young Cathars who wanted to repay her kindness to their families and follow her for the preparation for the Blood Hunt. Dail made sure they had the best equipment credits could buy, along with basic training from Trade Federation's Defense forces, but the real test came when she took them to Paonnid in order to clean the wilderness of hidden bandit outposts. Nei'sil Cathari grew into a formidable fighting force over time, making Dail proud of their efforts.


Dail is a female of many qualities. A proud member of Cathar race, her inner sanctuary holds a beast, while she appears civilized and peaceful as if wearing a mask. In several instances she didn't manage to hold the beast in; those times aren't remembered fondly.

Proficient at leading troops in combat, she still fears that her lack of military expertise would be found once she initiates the Blood Hunt. To that end, she trains mercilessly at any given opportunity, mostly during long hypertrips. Her ongoing excursion to the planet Paonnid helps her to learn more about her troops, but about herself, as well.

Dail Llwybr Gwaed


Dail is a young female Cathar, with brownish mane that gives out a golden hue. Her piercing red eyes are what draws the eye to her face. Weighing at 105 lb and reaching 5.1 feet, she's not towering anyone when in a room, but her magnetic personality compensates for her growth. Usually a center of any male group, Dail excels at acting as a coquette, if it suits her interests; if not, she has no problem rebuking anyone, even if it means using force.


Her people management skills allowed her to reach Ministerial position inside the Trade Federation, along with other side jobs she does. Repair and command was always her trait, ever since her service aboard the birth Space station. Easy-going and humorous, Dail leaves much to secret, as she jokes about almost everything. Her only care, at this point in life, is lack of military training, which she will require for performing the Blood Hunt at the age of twenty two.


Dail currently holds few positions inside the Trade Federation:

Minister of Interior - primary position for the young Cathar, one which draws the largest amount of energy from her and keeps her occupied during the long, cold hypertrips around Federation space. Operating from her flagship, she uses its holocommand room to track all pilots and their missions, keeping herself on top of everything and ready to react to any outstanding situation.

Admissions Officer - a helping hand for new recruits, Dail tries to be the poster-girl for the Trade Federation.

Career History

Trade Federation - Department of Logistics
Preceded By:
Megan Weima
Deputy Director
Y15 D60 — Y15 D208
Succeeded By:
Dro Siphodius

Trade Federation - Department of Logistics
Preceded By:
Marco Salo
Y15 D208 — Y16 D98
Succeeded By:
Dro Siphodius

Trade Federation - Ministry of Interior
Preceded By:
Metyl Onyx
Deputy Minister
Y16 D98 — Y17 D196
Succeeded By:
None so far

Trade Federation - Ministry of Interior
Preceded By:
Marcus Justinian
Y17 D196 — Present
Succeeded By:
None so far



R-series droid which Dail acquired from Asrat Trade station after observing malignant behavior from its previous owner. Investing her funds and skills into repairing the droid, she upgraded it with state-of-the-art parts acquired from Dorinian Military Corps along with the removal of several constraints.

Little droid saved her from a few tight spots and remains with her at all times, keeping sure her everyday life isn't dull.