Danika Solaris

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Danika Solaris
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Kuat
Mother Elisa Solaris
Father Daniel Solaris
Spouse N/A
Siblings Trista Solaris 25(deceased), Serenity Solaris 18
Children N/A
Born Year -11 Day 259
Died Year 12 Day 198
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.65 meters
Coloring Dark brown
Eye Color Emerald green
Political Information
Affiliation The Jensaarai
Avance Coalition
Prior Affiliation Mandalore

Danika Solaris is a young, yet intelligent Kuati female. What she hasn't gained in experience, she can make up with intelligence, bravery, and cunning.

Upbringing and early years

Danika grew up in a rich family on Kuat. Her mother owned a shipyard and her father was a telbun hired by her mother's family. Danika and her two sisters, Serenity and Trista, grew up playing on the ships being built. Danika had pretended to be a Captain on a Star Destroyer, and her sisters were the officers. Danika learned ships from the inside out. Her parents sent the sisters to the best schools on Kuat. They encouraged their children to learn many languages because each language learned represented a new customer base,. They also learned many different forms of combat, because sometimes "aggressive negotiation" was needed in certain situations.

During her Junior year at the University of Kuat, Danika's family went on a vacation to the Outer Rim worlds. In what would have been the middle of their vacation, a small band of pirates boarded the family ship. Her father, Daniel, was the first killed, along with Danika's older sister Trista. Danika's mother, Elisa, was killed defending Serenity. Once satisfied with the loot, the pirates kidnapped Serenity and left the ship salvaged and adrift.

Danika learned about this through a message sent to her at University by the law enforcement of the system where the attack happened. Danika immediately left college, she took her college allowance and bought her first ship, a C-Wing that she left nameless. She flew the C-wing to the location of her family's ship and docked. She learned all she could about the pirates and spent the next year tracking them down.

Once their base was found, Danika used a bit of the money that was left to her to hire a few mercenaries from an organization to help take them down and recover anything that could be salvaged from her family. Once planetside, Danika led the mercs to the base where a skirmish broke out. Once the battle was over, Danika searched the small base, though an encampment was a more accurate name. In a tent, they found Serenity, surrounded by the evidence of unimaginable horrors that must have been committed against her. Danika unbound her, tended to the wounds that she could. For payment, Danika gave the mercs all of the salvage available. In return the mercs offered to take the two women anywhere in the Galaxy they wanted. Danika had heard about a utopian society called Avance, so that was what she told them. Alpha Medical had a reputation of being one of the most premier medical groups in the known Galaxy.

Joining Avance Coalition

Danika was trained in the Avance Academy, where she was taught many things by her trainer, Lyra Ikron. Upon graduation, Danika joined Black Dust Industries as a Prospector under her Lyra, her trainer. After a few successful prospecting missions, Black Dust Industries was dissolved. From there, Danika joined the Infrastructure Department of the Avance Coalition. It was a rewarding job that allowed Danika to help build planets from the bottom up, much like she saw ships being built as a child. After awhile, Danika's past began to gnaw at her mind, she had to change something. With a visit to her sister in the Alpha Medical Hospital on Endor, Danika left Avance Space.

She sought employment with Mandalore in the form of Mandalmotors. In her own mind, she felt that she owed it to herself to learn what being a true warrior really meant. Danika learned the Resol'nare, as well as Mando'a. The she joined Clan Krie'ger. After about six months, Danika felt the calling of her life in Avance.

She returned with confidence she had never had before. After coming back to Avance, Danika decided to join the ranks of The Jensaarai. Their leader, Navik Ikron, was a personal hero to Danika. She felt honored to be accepted into such a prestigious commando unit with the Force tradition of The Jensaarai. While, not being sensitive to the Force herself, she knew it's power and greatly respected it. She was also accepted into one of Avance's major ruling Houses, House Valeo.