Darren Kardal

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Darren Kardal
Darren Kardal Avatar.JPG
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Carnth
Mother Maria Kardal
Father Garrick Kardal
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Year 0 Day 47
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.93 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Aliit Solus'oya
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire, Mando`ade
"“There’s a reason you separate the military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other protects and serves the people. When the military becomes both, the enemies of the state will always become the people.”"
— Anonymous

Darren Kardal is a Human male from the Mid-Rim farming planet Carnth. He was a Second Lieutenant of the Imperial Army prior to his Dishorable Discharge from Imperial Service. He is now a Mandalorian and was adopted by Kyr`galaar Solus`oya. His clan, Aliit Solus`oya recognizes no Mand’alor.

Personal History


Darren was born in Year 0, Day 47 to parents Garrick and Maria Kardal on Carnth. His father had served in the First Galactic Civil War as a commander of a small freighter to defend the neutral Carnth system from invasion by either side. His mother was a teacher. When Carnth was annexed by the Galactic Empire after the war, Darren’s father retired, relocated his family to a farming homestead to enjoy a life of peace. Darren was born soon after.

Early Life

Darren’s homeworld Carnth from orbit

Darren spent his youth on the homestead, tending to the family crops and homeschooled by his mother. Garrick unsuccessfully tried to discourage his son’s adventurous tendencies, telling him that his family needed him on the farm. Secretly, however, he grew to enjoy Darren’s refusal to “stay on a boring farm for the rest of my life!” and started to save money to put his son through the Imperial Academy. His aunt, Ideine, would read him storybooks when she came to visit with his uncle David. One day, when his father and uncle had business in town, Ideine took Darren to the Imperial Library to use the HoloNet connections there and show him images of various other planets. This only reinforced his urge to go offworld one day.

Meeting Rose

At the age of 8, Darren was eating at the local diner when one of the droid waiters broke down. The diner’s owner, Gavlan at first tried to fix it himself. Darren watched in amusement while Galvan failed to do anything but break the droid further. Eventually, the man called out for his slave, Rose. At present, almost all information about Rose is a mystery, Darren refuses to talk about her in any major detail and most people never pay attention to the lives of slaves Darren had never met her before (she was mostly working in the back with the food processors) and was immediately curious. He scrambled out of his seat to get a closer look. Rose quickly located the problem and easily fixed the droid, all the while Darren had been hovering over her shoulder. This was only the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

The diner where Rose worked under her master Galvan

A New Friend

They quickly became best friends. Rose was an offworlder, and often regaled Darren with tales of her cultures accomplishments and traditions. She told him that Galvan had bought her from a Hutt named Zemo when she was very young. Her master viewed her as more of a daughter, so Rose had more free time than most other slaves around Carnth. She spent most of this with Darren, roaming the small forests surrounding the town and scavenging for interesting gizmos at the scrapyard. They would often have tree climbing races, Rose would always beat him, and soon the two were inseparable.

Terrorism and Tragedy

As they grew up, Darren’s family and local friends started to get more and more politically active. His father became friends with a few high ranking Imperials on Carnth. When his friends discovered this they became to resent him, seeing his father as a collaborator despite the peaceful annexation decades before. Rose soon was the only being his age that he could open up too. He became depressed and struggled in his schoolwork. At the age of 16, three years after his depression started, Darren had seeming made a surprise recovery. He seemed cheerful, ecstatic even, and would sneak off after farm chores to go hang out with Rose. On one such occasion, the two discovered a secret meeting between some local boys and a previously unknown Rebel cell. As Darren and Rose moved to get a closer look, they accidentally alerted the meeting to their presence. To his surprise, some of the members were his former friends! They pleaded with Darren to join them, citing Rose’s status as a slave as motivation to fight back.

While he was frustrated with Rose’s situation, he didn't believe that terrorism against the Empire was the answer. He did not voice this, however and made the appearance of joining the group to secure Rose’s and his safety. The Rebels explained that on the Empire Day celebration, many high ranking Imperials would be able to be assassinated in one explosion. However, when Darren mentioned that innocent civilians would be caught in the blast they dismissed his concerns as “They’re all collaborators anyway.” Darren couldn't believe the callousness of the supposed freedom fighters and secretly informed his father. Garrick relayed the information to his Government friends and the boys were all arrested.

Several weeks later, Darren was working in the fields when he was hit by a stun blast from a blaster. Falling to the ground, paralyzed, he was helpless to watch as his parents were herded inside the homestead by armed insurgents who then set fire to the building. The boy was forced to hear their screams as thick black smoke rose over the horizon. Only a kick to the face from a rebel's boot sent him into blissful unconsciousness...

The Imperial Academy

More Information Coming Soon


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