Diabolus`ut Persolvo

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Diabolus`ut Persolvo
Biographical Information
Race Nikto
Homeworld Kintan
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Abyssus`ut Persolvo
Born Year -23
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 Meters
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Morgukai
Rank Master of the Morgukai
Positions Tion Officer, Eidolon Quartermaster
Prior Affiliation Tion Hegemony, Eidola
Awards Unknown
"I tremble with the power M`dweshuu has granted me!"
— Diabolus

Diabolus`ut Persolvo is the leader of the Nikto from Kintan. Born and raised on the Wannschok. It is a violent and harsh life in the Endless Wastes but it is a life nonetheless. In his search for understanding he found a female Nikto who would soon become his mate. For years they were constant companions in the Wastes and the love they shared was one of the few treasures Diabolus has from his past. He lost his wife during the violent birth of his only son, Abyssus. He raised the child to be a warrior on the Wannschok. Sadly the father and son union was short lived when the local Hutt lord took a fancy to the young son and commissioned a large coterie of his minions to kidnap him. Diabolus searches for his missing son to this day. He left Kintan years after once the trail for his son went cold. With the sad truth that he may never see his son he gathered sufficient means to support himself and he joined the Tion Hegemony.

Diabolus began his career as a ranking intelligence officer for Tion Hegemony. During his time as an intelligence officer he was taught by Cirxis Cronossk. Shortly after Diabolus left the Tion Hegemony he joined the Eidolon pirates, quickly becoming the reigning quartermaster on his home world Kintan. After being a Quartermaster for Eidola, and slowly becoming the Warlord of Hutt Space, Tas-La, Kiskua, Esyam, and Nal Hutta were all included into his territory but his influence spread throughout the galaxy both in known and unidentified facets. But, all things must come to an end and after having several ideological differences with the piratical group Eidola. Diabolus decided to leave his homeworld in the hands of the pirates and create a group that will match the ethics he holds so high.

After retiring from piracy and Eidola, Murishani Unubunko has become the all encompassing and sole focus of the Master Bounty Hunter's life, aside from his love of long walks on the sands of his dearly loved Kintan. His pain at leaving his home world will never subside but he must move on and look forward to the future of his brothers and sisters in the Murishani Unubunko. With his retirement comes a long list of those he has killed but an even longer list of names for those he has allowed to live. The Morgukai honour code is, and always has been, a prominent aspect in Diabolus' life. It is these teachings that allowed him to release many of those he hunted rather than take their forfeited lives. Many of those he spared seeing his benevolence have in turned become his supporters. As Diabolus moves forward with Murishani Unubunko he leaves behind a legacy of strength, precision, and efficiency that will only serve to carry over to those within Murishani Unubunko.

Diabolus is rumoured to be the owner of a weapon previously thought impossible to create. His Morgukai skills came to ultimate fruition when he successfully completed his cortosis staff and became a true Morgukai master. He was later found to be one with the force and has since taken position as the Master of the Morgukai. A claim that has never been contested due to Diabolus' skill and strength.