Cirxis Cronossk

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Cirxis Cronossk
Cirxis Cronossk
Biographical Information
Race Trandoshan
Homeworld Trandosha
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown - Supposed Blackscale Slaver
Spouse Unknown Blackscale Slaver - Deceased
Siblings Brother - Deceased
Children Loxis - Presumed deceased
Born Year -19 Day 329
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.1 Meters
Coloring Green/Brown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Freelancer
Prior Affiliation Bounty Hunters Alliance, Tion Hegemony, Mytaranor Slaving Council, Depatar, Kanjiklub, Blackscale Clan
"Paranoia is a disability. Being paranoid has never saved anyone from disaster, only pushed them into their own self-inflicted demise."
— Cirxis to a young Bounty Hunter Traniee.


Cirxis in his Throne Room

While most information regarding Cirxis has been destroyed or lost, there are a few known facts about the secretive Trandoshan.

Early life

Cirxis first enters the public record Late in year -3, when was chosen to train to become a Trandoshan Elite by the elders of his home town of Lorpfan, and Cronossk traveled to Hsskhor to partake in his training. He remained in training for just over one year and on Day 1 of year -1 Cirxis was transferred to Kashyyyk to assist the Blackscale Clan slavers. At the time of writing this article, the record of Cirxis' time as an Elite has been all but wiped clean, leaving only two entries. One of a trip he made to Tatooine 3 years into his service, and one more in year 3 where he was discharged and returned to Trandosha.
There are records pointing to Cirxis working security for a shipping crew on Trandosha for most of year 3 running precious stones between Lorpfan and Varic.

Bounty Hunter's Alliance

It's not until Year 8 where Cirxis surfaces again, this time as Head of Hunts in the Bounty Hunters Alliance. It is assumed the Trandoshan left Trandosha again shortly after being discharged and traveled back to Tatooine to participate in swoop bike races under the alias "Raju Lucumba", though the accuracy of this story has been questioned.
It is however well documented that Cirxis made multiple trips to Cona, the BHA headquarters at the time, before being named Head of Hunts. It as also assumed that during this time Cirxis fell in with a smuggling ring who were transporting salt to Cona.
After the Wookiee, Kataradanna stepped down from BHA and was replaced by Auron Drayer, Cirxis once again retreated to the shadows until resurfacing alongside the Gran, Vadik Edik as the main leadership of the BHA in Auron's absence. Shortly after Auron realized he could no longer lead the collective he stepped down forcing Kataradanna to once again return to leadership of BHA. Under Kataradanna's leadership BHA began to suffer so Cirxis and Vadik plotted an upset hoping to gain control of the troubled organization. Kataradanna never truly trusted the duo however and used her contacts with The Damned to hire Banquo Knox to assasinate both Cirxis and Vadik.

Assasination Attempt and Exile

Records show that Banquo Knox was given the location of Cirxis' ship and set out to intercept him, however Cirxis had already uncovered the plot and had used a Koro II Airspeeder to escape right from under Knox's nose.

Cirxis escapes in a Koro II Airspeeder

After the failed attempt on his life, Cirxis vanished into exile.

Rumors from Exile

For the next year and a half, Cirxis was nothing but a shadow. Given the complete lack of any details whatsoever during this point of Cirxis' life, many rumors and theories have arisen of his activities during exile. These include:

  • Returning to Trandosha to train recruits in the Elites
  • Returning to the underground swoop racing circuit this time under the alias "Ashkrik"
  • Becoming romantically involved with a Kaminoan named Levis Morbus and even going as far as getting engaged before the two called off the engagement shortly after
  • Teaming up with Coeus Ahlstedt and the Silhouette organization. - It is also believed this could be behind the deletion of many of Cirxis' records and the lack of reliable information regarding Cirxis before he surfaced in Year 8.
  • Rumors persist that Cirxis was either directly involved in or at least connected to multiple high profile deaths during year 9 & 10.
Cirxis during his exile.

Tion Hegemony, Black Sun, The Darklights, and The Cron Resurrection

By Day 170 of Year 10 Cirxis had once again resurfaced, this time under the banner of the Tion Hegemony. During his time at Tion, Cirxis founded and headed the Tion Blackops Division whose participation in the war against Black Sun, The Darklight Crisis, and the Cron Conflict under Cronossk's leadership allowed the Hegemony to prosper for much of year 10 and 11. On the morning of Day 226 of year 11, Cirxis lead the team that raided Paul Cron's personal ship, and after a short struggle, arrested the terrorist, leading to a swift Tion Victory and the end of the conflict.

Paul Cron under arrest on On Year 11 Day 226

After the Cron Conflict had been resolved, Cirxis officially resigned from Tion, handing the reigns of his Black Op's division to Talen Mordare and was reported to be travling to The Maw.

Life in the Outer Rim

It during this time Cirxis acquired a YV-666 he called the "Scorekeepers Bounty". While there are no purchase records on file for this ship, there are also no reported hijackings, causing some people to claim Cirxis captured the ship and murdered everyone aboard, while other stories simply claim he found the ship crash-landed on Biosh and used his underworld connections to repair and likely modify the ship to his specifications. Whatever the case, there were multiple reports that after the Cron Conflict Cirxis had joined forces with Karl Korne and once Cirxis was officially named Team Captian of Korne's Colonial Shockball League team the Cirbodyn Crusaders information surfaced that Cirxis had officially joined the Zann Consortium under Karl's leadership.
During this time in the outer rim, Cirxis also joined the T`doshok Alliance and was elected the head of House Blackscale. Cirxis used his new position to secure himself multiple outposts among the outer rim as well as an asteroid hideout that he modified into a lavish palace.
Near the end of year 11, Cirxis was appointed head of the Zann Consortium. Much to Karl Korne's dismay, Cirxis used his underworld connections to funnel and fence the entirety of Zann's wealth and property into his own accounts, and quickly set into motion a trap to capture Korne. Cirxis was met with widespread praise and thanks from the relieved citizens of the galaxy, one of which being renowned pirate, Teniel Djo.

Eidola and Mytaranor Slaving Council

Cirxis met with The Pirate Queen and an alliance between the two quickly formed. In a ceremony on Marlavir control of Mytaranor Slaving Council was handed over to Cirxis and the Blackscale Slavers. From his seat as leader of the council, Cirxis revived the traditional gladiator arena, which held fights on Alisandor and in the city of Depatar on Marlavir.

Then on Year 12 Day 207 reports began to come in claiming that Teniel Djo and multiple other high-ranking Eidola members had flown their ships directly into the black holes in The Maw. Recently logs have been recovered that detail a conversation between Cronossk and Warlord Squall Chitose shortly after the suicide reports went public. In them, Cirxis talks with Squall about MSC's place in the universe with Teniel gone, and Squall assures him their alliance is stronger than it ever was.

Not long after that Cronossk was seen inside a cantina, the first report of him openly being out in public in many years. Eyewitnesses say he was selling death sticks and openly talking about Mytaranor's slaving operations.

However, after an attempt on Cronossk's life was made by a greedy yet incompetent pirate, Cirxis decided to leave the public eye and transferred ownership of MSC to the Hutt Percilia Kajidic sometime late in year 12.

Racing Career

On Day 45 of Year 13, Cirxis was spotted in Hutt Space aboard the YT-1760 Scorekeeper's Champion as a participant in the second season of Krieg's Run. After many days of hard racing, Cirxis crossed the finish line 4th beating out 6 other racers.

Cirxis did not participate in the second race of Krieg's Run.

He reappeared at the starting line on Day 115 for the third race. Improving on his previous time, Cronossk secured 3rd place.

The fourth race took place on Day 150, with Cirxis once again as a participant. In his best showing yet, the Trandoshan finished in second place just inches behind Tabty Haasza.

After his second-place win, Cirxis did not race again for the final two races of the general season but did return on day 346 to participate in the Champions Race where he once again took 4th place, citing multiple technical issues and a faulty hyperdrive for his poor showing.

Cirxis once again returned to the galactic stage on Year 15, Day 72 for the final race of Krieg's run Season 3. Piloting his new ship the YT-510 Scorekeepers Wings, he took second place.

Returning for the Season 3 champions race, Cirxis secured 3rd place before retiring from galactic life to his hometown of Lorpfan on Trandosha.

Tragedy and a New Life

For the next few years, Cirxis only made public appearances occasionally. Notably at the funeral of his close friend, Kilian Delmarco in Year 17.

During year 18, Cirxis was known to have a son, named Loxis, with an unknown Blackscale Trandoshan. However, both were presumed to be killed during a Wookiee raid on Cronossk's compound in early Year 19.

Shortly after, Cirxis left Trandosha once again and met a woman named Sofia Lizeth while tavern hopping in the Outer Rim. The two went on to eventually found KanjiKlub in late Year 19. For 2 years Cirxis and Sofia ran Kanjiklub before Cirxis spun off to form a mercenary company he named The Blackscale Clan.

With 2 organizations under their belt, the duo founded the Spacer's Alliance conglomerate in an effort to provide low-income individuals with the services and security previously only offered to the wealthy. Unfortunately, Spacer's Alliance failed to gain any traction and the duo agreed to disband it only a year after its inception, as well as sell off the Blackscale mercenary company. It is unknown if Cirxis rejoined Kanjiklub. Public records do show however that Cirxis does retain a 50% ownership of Kanjiklub.

Personal Effects


Cirxis' personal ship, The YV-666 "Scorekeepers Bounty"

Cirxis has used multiple ships over the years, however, his most recognizable are the YV-666 "Scorekeepers Bounty" and his racing ships the YT-1760 "Scorekeeper's Champion" and the YT-510 "Scorekeeper's Wings".


For most of his Bounty Hunting career, Cirxis was known to carry a Valken-38 Carbine and dual DL-44's.

Starting in late year 11 Cirxis was usually seen with an A280 strapped across his back.

Since his reappearance as the head of the Blackscale Clan, Cirxis has been seen in action using a highly modified Nightstinger.


Cirxis almost always wears a brown hooded robe that he uses to conceal his weapons and loose-fitting earth-toned clothes. At the award ceremony of the Champions Race, Cirxis appeared wearing Imperial Royal Guard armor. It is unclear where he acquired this armor.

As the head of the Blackscale mercenaries, Cirxis has been seen in both Imperial Royal Guard armor and Heavy Battle armor.