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"Our strength is in our honour. To kill your enemy with your blade as they face you! This is true Morgukai way!"
Mua`Dib Xarda


The Morgukai are one of several secret societies formed in the history of the Nikto people of Kintan.


Little is known of the order, but its members (usually of the Kajain'sa'Nikto race) are renowned for their intense hatred of the Jedi and their strict code of honor. They are also renowned for their great strength and skill with their weapon of choice; the cortosis staff. Morgukai followers used armour and staffs infused with cortosis alloy, which was resistant to the lightsabers used by their Jedi nemesis. To fight their sworn enemies, they developed mental exercises to resist the Jedi mind trick.

Their order bore some similarity to that of the Jedi. Fathers took their sons as apprentices, training them in the deadly arts. An example of this is the master-student bond between the Nikto Diabolus`ut Persolvo and Simeon Promethion. Also, Morgukai initiates were required to build their own cortosis staffs as a test of their devotion to the order.

Despite their violent ways, the Morgukai had a strong sense of honour. The current Master of the Morgukai is Diabolus`ut Persolvo and he has begun leading the Morgukai order to a new age of power and devotion. Some Morgukai followers are devoutly affiliated to the Cult Of M'dweshuu.