Force Guardians

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Force Guardians
General Information
Motto "We Work As A Family, Helping All."
Status Active
Leader Davik Kaisho (founder)
Hondo Walker
Jason Con
Jamis Argetlam
Owner Davik Kaisho (Year 11)
Xanxus Drol (Year 13)
Headquarters Chamm II
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 169
Dissolved Year 14 Day 260(reformed into Jedi Medical)
Political Information
Affiliation The Guild Bank (Year 13)
Industry Medical Service
Holosite Force Guardians (Archived)

The Force Guardians is a medical service company founded in Year 11.


Force Guardians began as a place for neutral force users to seek sanctuary and to practice the healing arts, offering such healing to the galaxy for free. Originally founded by renowned Jedi Master Davik Kaisho, also known as Vamps, the organization changed ownership many times. At times long past it was also allegedly owned by Eshaar Gnor and Crowe.

Over time the enclave changed. With the ascension of Hondo Walker as leader, the organization became more militaristic in nature and emphasized less its medical aspects. Eventually, Walker formed a spin-off organization known as the Guardian Security Force taking his military crew with him, and handed the organization over to Jason Con without prior discussion.

Circa Year 13, Con attempted to aid a sentient in need of medical care and was captured by Fleur`De Rouge. Refusing to handover his Namana star, Con was executed. As a result, ownership of the Force Guardians was transferred to Xanxus Drol and the organization became a formal subsidiary of The Guild Bank. Its personnel likewise became paid Guild Members and its operations are now one in the same with the Guilds.


The Guardians of the Force were originally founded about 3,500 years ago. Harboring a more controversial approach to the Force than the Jedi Order, it was often seen as an outcast collective led by a vagabond Jedi. The Guardians of the Force were instructed in various ways of the Force, taught to embrace the Force as a whole, not just the Jedi philosophy. This was a dangerous and controversial path to take, and the result of a fall from it often resulted in eternal condemnation. As such, the Guardians were very careful about whom they accepted into their ranks. Since those days, many splinter groups adhering to their philosophy have come and gone, we are but one, Force Guardians. We all are following the path of the Force where ever it will take us. Helping others in the Galaxy, is what we do, Sensitive to the force or not, we all work together to help those in need...