Gaarurra Madclaw

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Gaarurra Madclaw
Biographical Information
Race Wookiee
Homeworld Kashyyyk (Exiled)
Clan Aliit Gav
Father Beviin Jones (Deceased)
Born Y-82 D230 (104 Years Old)
Languages Shyriiwook, Mando'a, Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.46 meters
Weight 208.6 kg
Coloring Chestnut Brown with Blonde Tones
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Mando'ade
Title Aliit Gav Aliit'alor
Rank Al'verde (Navy CO)
Prior Affiliation Gav Technical Services

Gaarurra, meaning brave warrior in Shyriiwook, is a Wookiee Mandalorian and is also the current aliit'alor of Aliit Gav after the retirement of Jaster Gav and death of Noah Alexandria Traner.


Early Years

Born some 101 years ago on Kashyyyk in the city of Hoorrkhukk, Gaarurra was the youngest of two brothers. He was abnormal, even at birth, for as a pup he was heavier and bigger than a large majority of his species at birth. His family deemed this to be a good omen, for he would turn out to be a spectacular warrior and named him Gaarurra (Brave Warrior in Wookieespeak). Growing up, his aspiration was to join the military alongside his brethren, though that would never come to pass.

Just as Gaarurra turned 18 years old, finally becoming a adult, he and his family and friends were out at a nearby village when slavers of the Trandoshan race ambushed them and captured Gaarurra's brothers and his mother. Enraged, Gaarurra and two of his friends retaliated and managed to push two of the four slavers off the platform of the wryoshyr trees and down into the darkness of the Shadowlands. Unfortunately, during this act of defiance both of Gaarurra's friends were injured leaving him to fight the remaining Trandoshans alone.

This would prove a difficult task, even for a Wookiee as large and strong as Gaarurra. During the fight, the slavers managed to subdue Gaarurra and to his dismay, two more slavers arrived to help their kin. Gaaruura's brothers attempted to escape in order to get help and were killed. Leaving Gaarurra, his two friends, and his mother in the hands of the slavers. His mother, enraged by the death of her two sons, knocked one of the slavers off the platform before being beat down savagely by another.

This is where Gaarurra's life changed forever. For as his mother was being savagely beaten towards her death, Gaarurra finally snapped. He roared and did something no Wookiee should ever do. He unsheathed his claws, which were only to be used for the making of tools, and used them to slice the Trandoshans holding him down to pieces before leaping and killing the remaining slaver who was beating his mother.

Even though he had saved his mother and his two friends, he had performed an act that was deemed dishonorable by Wookiee culture. The Rock Council declared him to be a madclaw and exiled him from Kashyyyk, never to return.

Time in Exile

After Gaarurra was exiled he wandered the galaxy for over twenty years, working odd jobs such as a mechanic in a spaceport to capturing petty criminals, but he always yearned for a family. Everything was going normal until he ran into a unexpected complication. While working odd jobs on the world of Ord Mantell, he was stunned and used as a hostage for a extremist group operating on the planet.

He resisted the entire way through, even going as far as to use his claws yet again to kill one of the group when a group of the unknown variety blasted in and rescued the hostages. Who would've known that this one event would change his life forever. For after all the death and destruction a man in a peculiar armor and helmet with a 'T' shaped visor approached him later in the local bar. Recognizing him, the got to talking about Gaarurra's previous life.

The man introduced himself as Beviin Jones, a mandalorian mercenary who was working with the local law enforcement to put a end to the extremist group before they harmed any more citizens. He questioned Gaarurra on why he was all the way out here instead of his home planet. When told, the man simply nodded and asked if he would like to work and train under him. Curious, Gaarurra replied 'yes' and the two spent the next 20 years together, training and working odd jobs.

Training to Present Day

Gaarurra trained with Beviin for twenty years, learning what it meant to be a mandalorian. This included the armor, language, and combat training. Beviin proved to be a very patient teacher as Gaarurra was still coming to terms about using his claws in combat. But Beviin put his mind at ease about the subject, stating that he was already condemned by his kind for using them but the Mandalorians had no qualms about it. If he could use it he should use it.

So Gaarurra used them. Beviin taught him modified martial arts in order for him to use his claws effectively in hand-to-hand combat if he needed to but he also taught him how to fight properly instead of the barrage of blows his people were known for. It was this that made Gaarurra truly dangerous. Using his natural strength and speed and adding precision he became a force to be reckoned with.

On a mission Beviin had taken to continue Gaarurra's training, Beviin died. But before he took his dying breath he adopted Gaarurra as his son and it was at that moment that Gaarurra truly became a mandalorian. The training, armor, and language were only facets to being a mandalorian but it was nothing unless you belonged to a family.

So for the next 43 years Gaarurra traveled the galaxy, taking on odd jobs and contracts to continue to garner experience. It wasn't until one faithful day on Corellia that Gaarurra met Jaster Gav and was adopted into Aliit Gav. And due to unseen circumstances became the aliit'alor, gaining the responsibility of leading the clan through trials and tribulations.

Known Assets

Gaarurra's Armor in Year 20 (CGT)
Gaaturra's mandalorian armor was custom made to fit the physique of a Wookiee without sacrificing defense and mobility. The durasteel and other minerals used in it's forging make it a extremely durable armor and area of note on the armor itself is the gauntlets, which have been modified to allow him to extend his claws.

Gaar Arq.png
The Adenn Verd Year 20 (CGT)
The Adenn Verdis a Arquitens Light Cruiser procured towards the end of Year 20 and is Gaarurra's flagship for his personal fleet. It is said to orbit the planet on which the Aliit Gav Keldab resides.

Gaar ATR Large.png
The Jate Tome'tayl Year 20 (CGT)
The Jate Tome'tayl is a ATR-6 Assault Transport procured towards the end of Year 19 and is one of Gaarurra's favorite possessions. He is mostly seen using it while visiting worlds he has never visited before or when he expects he'll need a fast, nimble craft to get in and out of trouble as needed.

Gaar Mantis Large.png
The Hra'ne Oya'karir Year 20 (CGT)
The Hra'ne Oya'karir is a D5-Mantis Patrol Craft acquired towards the end of Year 19 and was commonly used as his transport when on the job. While not as fast or nimble as his ATR-6, he enjoys it just as much as his other possessions.