Greg Mainer

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Greyn (Greg) Carter Asha, née Mainer
Law Enforcement Composite, c. Y19
Biographical Information
Race Corellian

Zeltron blend

Homeworld None
Clan Talyc
House Asha (Adoptive)
Mainer (Formerly)
Mother Rosalyn Mainer, née Caro (Deceased)
Father Vincent Mainer (Deceased)
Marital Status Single
Siblings Niobe Asha (Adoptive)
Vincent Thal
Jeslyn Mainer
Nileri Rosiir (Adoptive)
Children Elyna Incarna (Adopted)
Isareya Asha
Born Year -12 Day 113
Religion Palynite
Quote "Strike first, show mercy and be swift"
"Duty, Honour, Dedication"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.77 meters
Coloring Weathered
Hair Color Cobalt Blue, dyed Deep Brown
Eye Color Amber
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola
Title System Governor of Ardos
Rank Marshal, Ardos Tactical Response Unit
Prior Affiliation Captain, Ailon Nova Guard
Marshal, Averyon Recycling Enterprises
Unknown, Tytus Escorting Inc.
Unknown, Invisible Army
Unknown, Red Forge Extractions
House Asha
Aliit Dael'mor
Awards None

Greg began his public career as a member of the Ailon Nova Guard, originally joining as a Marine before transferring to the Crime Suppression Division. Though he soon found himself leading his department after returning from a leave of absence to find both his Commanding Officer and the Commander of the CSD, Jaydon TaVolarian had left the Guard. Maintaining the infrastructure left in place by his predecessors, Greg was promoted to Captain and often undertook basic jobs himself due to the declining membership of his department. When the controlling interest of the Ailon Nova Guard was sold to Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl he stood down due to being unable to come to terms with his new Commander. In the years that followed Greg served as a Soldier, Transporter, Security Officer, Naval Officer, Law Enforcement Agent, Free Trader, Board Member and Security Director for varying political and private interests.

During those years Greg entertained a few failed attempts at courting and one extra-martial affair, the latter of which resulted in the birth of twins. Eventually with all the stress over the years Greg struck out on his own to find a new place in the galaxy, during which time he strongly considered returning to Corellia to finally join CorSec. Eventually his friendship with Teniel Djo won out and he joined Eidola, after performing a heist on an unmanned station at Teniel's encouragement. Eventually he was entrusted with the safeguarding and governorship of an Eidolan planet, though his governorship was later changed to the Ardos system when Eidola consolidated it's power in Hutt Space. Due to this condsolidation of power the region has since gone from strength to strength, while Greg has primarily focused on the security of the Ardos system over recent years and shown little interest in the rest of the galaxy.

Early Years


Born on a CorSec patrol vessel, Greg is considered a Spacer with no fixed homeworld. During his formative years he was raised on Corellia by his direct and extended family depending on the deployment of his parents. His father Vincent was a CorSec Investigator and his mother Rosalyn was a CorSec Instructor, due to their work both often spent time offworld. The only interesting event of note during his childhood was his abduction and modification by a slaving ring his father was investigating, due to their modifications his hair was genetically altered to grow cobalt blue and he possesses a secondary liver. The gang had planned to further alter him to appear more Zeltron and wipe his memory before selling him, however, his father's team was able to effect a rescue before that happened.

Following this Greg began to spend all of his free time at his father's base precinct, befriending many of the officers and being informally trained by them in varying department roles and proficiencies. Like a large portion of Corellians he wanted to join CorSec, however, one of the officers impressed onto him a need to venture out into the galaxy to improve his knowledge and exposure to the world before returning to join CorSec. Due to this when he turned 17 he left the planet as a security team apprentice on a freighter, serving aboard it and other vessels for four years before joining the Ailon Nova Guard shortly before his twenty-first birthday in Year 8.

Originally joining the Guard as a Marine, Greg passed basic training with minimal difficulty before before assigned to babysit a consignment of MTV-6s. Following this he awaited new orders, which after waiting two months for he was considered absent without leave before contacting someone higher in his command chain. Due to this he submitted himself for retraining and transferred to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), where he passed basic training in short order and was tasked with arresting malcontents roaming Ailon Cities. A duty he performed until forced to take a short leave of absence, at which point the CSD had lost it's senior Command. Due to this as the senior remaining member he was swiftly promoted to Captain and tasked with taking over his department. Something he enjoyed doing until the Guard came under the control of Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl, unable to reach an accord with Teyacapan he left the Guard.

Interrim Years

In the years that followed leaving the Guard Greg struggled to find a home for himself, briefly joining Tytus Escorting Inc. before leaving them after receiving no orders after two months. From there Greg met Sasha Striker, who he struck up a friendship with and agreed to join the revival of the Invisible Army with. Enjoying his friendship and new home, Greg began to build a social network of his own. Though when the Invisible Army fell, he followed everyone into Red Forge Extractions. At this time he struck up a friendship with the Ismays via Sasha's partner, Owen von Ismay (who during this time granted Greg the title of House Ismay swordbearer after he joked about being the only one of them without a title, Greg has never bothered to confirm if this title is still valid). As part of their extended circle he also struck up a friendship with Wilhelm von Ismay and Keishi Miahr, beyond this circle of friends he also struck up a friendship with Kara Ikron and Asarya`katr.

It was during this time that he sired twins during an affair, though originally intending for both of the twins to pass as the woman's partners he wound up taking in the female twin, Isareya, due to complications following their birth which resulted in the death of his lover. Following this Greg retreated into deep space and abandoned his position with Red Forge Extractions for the better part of a year to mourn his loss.

It took the passing of his mother and father in Year 10 to draw him back to known space when his half-brother, Vincent Thal-Mainer, and his daughter Sera reached out to him after the Thal family cheated them of the Mainer estates and assets. It was at this time that he learned of his parents divorce, something they had kept from him and that he learned of the Thal families manipulations to seize the Mainer estates by falsifying a report of his death and arranging the fatal accident of his parents. Due to having no interest in fighting them over this he arranged the return of some of his family assets and the freedom of his sister, Jeslyn who had been indentured into servitude by the Thal family, in return for not disputing the family estate.



After leaving the Corellian Sector, Greg again began to wander and eventually struck up a friendship with Niobe Asha. A friendship that led to him adopting the Mandalorian culture for his own and being adopted into House Asha as her brother. Remembering his earlier agreement and as a sign of respect for his new sister, Greg began using the Asha surname from this point on. At around the same time rumours of his friendship with Teniel Djo and other known Eidolans began to circulate though the rumours would at the time remain unsubstantiated. At this point records of Greg become somewhat murky as he operated quietly and left little in the way of records in his wake, it is known he joined something called the Order of Palynia during this time though few details of the Order are known nor is why he joined the Order.

Eventually meeting up with other former members of the Ailon Nova Guard, he agreed to join the Colonial Recycling Corporation as the head of the Colonial Inner Corps, their security force. Enjoying his time among new and former friends, he continued to lead his department once the company re-branded into Averyon Recycling Enterprises. Though he eventually parted with them shortly after joining the Board of Directors, when the company owner, and his friend, Troon Kebris decided to suddenly sell his interests to their partner the Ailon Nova Guard. As Greg was still unable to reach an accord with Teyacapan he again stood down and left the company.

During this time House Asha merged with Aliit Dael'mor, though due to the standards imposes on both he was considered part of the Asha family and part of the standing force of Mandalorians Aliit Dael'mor could call upon during times of need. Originally a close member of the clan, over time distance began to form between Greg and the rest of his clan primarily due to the paranoia of Tar Alaks over his Eidolan ties. This led him to consider himself dar'aliit or clanless, though he kept the Asha surname in honour of his one time sister. Of his former clan he maintains close ties with Nileri Rosiir, who by adoption in Dael'mor is his younger sister. A blood tie he has since maintained with the founding of his own clan, Aliit Talyc.

After this Greg plied himself as a Free Trader, moving surprising amounts of credits with no discernible records of their origins. During this time he brought a Luxury Space Station in Deep Space, naming it Corsair Station he moved his family into the station. Making his half-brother the Station Manager, during this time Greg began to expand his assets and began the making of a fledgling fleet of his own. Shortly after he formalised his ties with Eidola and joined their ranks, though his name never crossed the Galactic News Service and he seemed to keep a low profile. Eventually he was entrusted with the governorship of a planet loyal to Eidola and began to consolidate his assets to surround it, this included the dismantling and relocation of Corsair Station to Hutt Space.

The process of relocation and centralisation of his assets is an ongoing process, which has consumed Greg's time and attention for past five years. Which has included stabilising the criminal elements in his system, providing a better infrastructure for the sentients living in the Ardos system and numerous other duties. A series of events slowed due to the presence of a black hole in the Ardos system, which, due to the lack of atmosphere on the system's sole planet, Varl, has required Greg to work at a reduced pace.

Key Events


Vincent Mainer
Rosalyn Caro
Belys Thal
Greg Asha
Jeslyn Mainer
Vincent Thal-Mainer
Kira Astress
Elyna Incarna
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