Helrun Daqemef

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Helrun Daqemef is a corellian fighter pilot, almost 30 years old.

Helrun Daqemef (NPC)
Biographical Information
Race corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Languages basic
Physical Description
Gender male
Height 1,79 m.
Weight 83 kg.
Hair Color black
Eye Color black
Political Information
Affiliation Kirlan Krane


Helrun was instructed as fighter pilot in the Corellian Security Force #CH Training Academy 1, in the corellian city of Larissa. At first he served CorSec patrolling Corellia and the Corellian sector, enforcing the Galactic Empire control. But later his squadron was sent to Roche system asteroids (Tennuutta sector), to protect Imperial Union mining routes in the Second Galactic Civil War [1]. Unlike his fellow squad members, Helrun began to interact with the dirt haulers and the native sentients of Nickel One asteroid (the insectoid race known as verpine).

When the Imperial Union won the War for the Republic, his squadron came back to Corellia. However, Helrun became disillusioned with his involvement in the war, and was no longer comfortable flying for CorSec; it wasn't a secret in the squadron. Although his pleasure in flying at high speeds was still intact, Helrun took his time in resuming old childhood friendships instead of spending time with his fellow fighter pilots.

Helrun announced his resignation from CorSec at the end of the year 21, something that his colleagues already sensed.

Year 22

Helrun, Rubis Tade, Isabel Spince and Kirlan Krane were seen together in Binedump city (Antar 4 planet) at the beginning of the year, during the 2º Underworld Racing Series [2]. After the event, all of them left Antar 4 onboard the XXX Calumma #10 YT-2000 on D016.

The XXX Calumma #10 entered in Moobia system (Kastolar sector) in D017. One day later, after taking some cargo containers from a Sienar Technologies ship, it jumped to hyperspace.

Career History

-Before Y22 he worked as fighter pilot for Corellian Security Force, both in Corellia and Tennuutta sector.

-In Y22,D005 he joined Kirlan Krane's team, as N-1 Starfighter pilot.