Isabel Spince

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Isabel Spince is a short corellian freighter pilot, 26 years old as she likes to say everyone.

Isabel Spince (NPC)
Biographical Information
Race corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Languages basic
Physical Description
Gender female
Height 1,50 m.
Weight 48 kg.
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Political Information
Affiliation Kirlan Krane


Isabel grew in Kor Vella down town. The younger child in family, with four older brothers, she always caught everybody's attention. Isabel compensated her short stature with a strong and charismatic character, used to living among men. She joined the crew of a transport ship at a young age and learned to fly and live inside a freighter. Perhaps because of her outgoing nature, a small crew was too small for her. So at every stop, whether it was a busy starport or a crummy tavern, Isabel didn't go unnoticed and didn't hesitate to gamble, argue or flirt without any complex about her stature. Not knowing how to keep her mouth shut also got her into some trouble, and on more than one occasion she has had to change crew due to problems with the ship's commander.

Year 22

Isabel, Helrun Daqemef, Rubis Tade and Kirlan Krane were seen together in Binedump city (Antar 4 planet) at the beginning of the year, during the 2º Underworld Racing Series [1]. After the event, all of them left Antar 4 onboard the XXX Calumma #10 YT-2000 on D016.

The XXX Calumma #10 entered in Moobia system (Kastolar sector) in D017. One day later, after taking some cargo containers from a Sienar Technologies ship, it jumped to hyperspace.

Career History

-Before Y22 she worked as freighter pilot for different companies and independent commanders, from the Core Worlds to the Expansion Region.

-In Y22,D014 she joined Kirlan Krane's team, as YT-510 pilot.