Kirlan Krane

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Kirlan Krane is a young corellian pilot, approximately 25 years old. He currently manage Zero Gravity, a trading company created in Y22.

Kirlan Krane
Biographical Information
Race corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Languages basic
Physical Description
Gender male
Height 1,73 m.
Weight 75 kg.
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Political Information
Affiliation Zero Gravity


Kirlan Krane in his early twenties (by Jackienodraws)

Not much is known about his past, except that he grew up in a small town in Corellia. He has sometimes talked about an uncle of his, a freelance pilot, from whom he learned to fly and acquired his taste for space travel during his adolescence. He worked with his uncle Noren for some years in Corellian sector, although he always talks about him and his ship in the past tense, so he is presumably dead.

Year 21

In D271 he was seen entering discreetly in the Mermaid's Hope Hotel, in the tourist town of Kor Vella. He had a meeting with the Corellian Society [1], where he was given 2 millions of credits donated by Dac Kain. Later in the morning he was involved in an unpleasant incident [2] in the starport, when he was looking for a job as a pilot. Luckily he got out in one piece, and four days later he got a job with the company XXX MINERS, flying to their facilities to join them in another sector.

In D302 Kirlan landed with the XXX Corellian Spine, the YT-510 the company bought ten days before to Mecrosa in Mecrotica Trade Hub, in Nelvaan city (Nimban planet) next to the Tenth Uli Memorial Swap Meet. He was involved with traders, trading various goods, and participated in the Krieg's Run Racing, coming in fourth place, without winning any prizes. [3] After a joyful meet with the other runners (the veteran champion diathim Amaranth Kushiel, the barabel Ogban Orineddi and the corellians Alexis Clark and Mick Clarence) and the organizer Lanavander Olesa, the XXX Corellian Spine took off from Nimban on D312 night.

In D327 he was seen entering the Hewett sector with the approval of the Zann Consortium. [4] The XXX Corellian Spine and the XXX Nevrast Action VI Transport approached the orbit of the planet Hewett and left a cargo in the [ZCC] Malefactor-1 BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, property of Zann Consortium. After this operation, both ships jumped into hyperspace without delay.

From D343 to D351 Kirlan took part in the Sapin First Anniversary Festives [5]; he knew them from the relationship his uncle Noren had with the Sapin Syndicate. It was celebrated in Tibrin planet (Senex sector), but Kirlan was not present in the planet. Betting on the distance he won 1,300,000 crédits and two ships: the SSS Fixis #17 Firespray-class Interceptor and the SSS Raptor #10 N-1 Starfighter.

Year 22

In D003 Kirlan landed the XXX Calumma #10 YT-2000 in Binedump city (Antar 4 planet). He was seen around the city the next weeks with corellians Helrun Daqemef, Isabel Spince and verpine Rubis Tade. He involved with traders, buying some goods, and participated in the 2º Underworld Racing Series [6]. He run in the swoop race along Antar 4 grassland piloting his own 64-Y Swift 3 Repulsorlift Sled, called Green Spark and modified by Cayde Maladon. He made the entire course in the lead followed closely by Jensen Odama, being the second fastest pilot and winning the second prize (25,000,000 credits and a YT-510). The XXX Calumma #10 took off from Antar 4 on D016.

The XXX Calumma #10 entered in Moobia system (Kastolar sector) in D017. One day later, after taking some cargo containers from a Sienar Technologies ship, it jumped to hyperspace.

In D044 Kirlan was seen in Calden Bar, a canteen ubicated in Tib city (Tibrin planet). He was in charge of a full squadron, composed of the XXX Corellian Spine, the Shouthern Shooting Star YT-510 (won in the Underworld Racing Series), the Blue Trench Firespray-class Interceptor (former SSS Fixis #17) and the Heavy Volunteer N-1 Starfighter (former SSS Raptor #10). After spending some hours with members of Sapin Syndicate, he took off from the planet.

The Cardota local branch of the Galactic Bureau of Ships and Services recorded a register in D061. It contains documents about the opening of a new trading company, called Zero Gravity, managed by Kirlan Krane.

Career History

-Before Y21,D274 he was involved in freelance pilot jobs with his uncle Noren in Corellian sector.

-In Y21,D274 he joined XXX MINERS, becoming Senior Pilot in the Light Transport Division.

-In Y21,D332 he was appointed Magistrate of the gas giant Mzeh (Tapani sector).

-In Y22,D012 he won the swoop race second prize in the 2º Underworld Racing Series in Antar 4 planet (Prindaar system)

-In Y22,D037 he was promoted as Chief Pilot in the Light Transport Division.

-In Y22,D061 he left XXX MINERS and became manager of Zero Gravity trading company [7].