Higelourmi Everivir

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Higelourmi Everivir
Biographical Information
Race Arcona
Homeworld Iktotch I
Clan Feleos
Mother Neisseria Dustwalker
Father Argus Everivir
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born 25 BBY
Languages Basic, Huttese
Quote "Death is almost something to which to look forward" -Y17 D312
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Soskin Guard
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation, Byblos Drive Yards

Higelourmi Everivir is a known vigilante of the southeast Expansion Region and the Middle Rim. Born on Iktotch I circa 25 BBY, he operated on the world of Cona following The Great Plight until being recruited by the Falleen Federation in the year 13 ABY. Serving briefly as Executive Director of Byblos Drive Yards under Anax Noctru, he was captured by Dread Pirates in the year 15 remaining in captivity until the following year. He is the first of only two known persons to have survived the Zann Consortium's Black Sails Prison. Sold as a slave and later hired for a mercenary group run by Kai Shadlock called 'The Guild', he was one of the few surviving combatants of The League of Extraordinary Sentients Affair. After inheriting command of the 'The Guild' after a series of deaths in its administration in late year 16, Higelourmi reinvented the organization as a more public and legitimate paramilitary entity known as the Soskin Guard

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