Soskin Guard

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Soskin Guard
General Information
Status Active
Leader Higelourmi Everivir
Headquarters Classified
Historical Information
Founded Day 96 Year 17
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Type Paramilitary NFG

The Soskin Guard is a paramiltary group of sentients acting as an independent, unitary autocratic state. Lead by Higelourmi Everivir as head of its kritarchic military junta, the Guard arose out of the remains of 'The Guild' upon the death of the leader of the former terroristic group. The group is dispersive and operates throughout most portions of the galaxy, but its actual headquarters is unknown if not non-existent. Labeled as bold and war-mongering by her enemies, The Soskin Guard has been inclined to declare small wars on pirate and terror groups. In response to the Red Phantom Incursions throughout the south galaxy the Guard declared war on Red Phantom on Day 176 of Year 17, and later that same year on Day 237, they declared war on the common antagonist, the Tsis Tvarka Reborn. Early Year 18, on Day 55, Peter Max leader of Death Watch declared war on the Soskin Guard finally realizing that the organization had subverted their attempt to attack a group of civilians in the early portions of the previous year.