Red Phantom

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Red Phantom
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader unknown
Historical Information
Founded Year 16
Dissolved Year 18
Political Information
Affiliation Various Pirates
Type Pirate

Red Phantom is a small, loosely organized group of known pirates founded by Jake Cinew and Jor Panoka late in Year 16.Once Jake Cinew died Fang Kin became the new leader along with Jor Panoka, Attempting various raids, infiltration, and mid-profile captures against the Soskin Guard, Zeiro Roma, and self made claims involving the Zann Consortium and others, the group became know for its underhanded styling even among what would be their allies. As part of these assaults, now styled as the Red Phantom Incursions, the pirates took a number of casualties among their founding members. No casualties have ever been reported in connection with their activities.

The Fall of Jor Panoka

After Fang Kin´s death, the Overlord of Death Watch, Peter Max, approached Jason Phanto and offered him his help to develop Red Phantom both economically and militarily, in exchange they would join the Mandalorian Crusades and learn their ways. Soon after, Jor Panoka was challenged by Overlord Peter Max to a battle, the fight ended briefly with a victorious result for the Mandalorian leader, Panoka was then executed allegedly because of ties to Zeiro Roma and was planning to betray Jason Phanto and the rest of Red Phantom.


After Jor Panoka´s death, the Overlord of Death Watch Peter Max asked Jason Phanto to dissolve Red Phantom and pledge the Cin Vethin Oath (Term indicating the erasing of a person's past when they become Mandalorian, and that they will only be judged by what they do from that point onward). Jason Phanto complied and soon founded the Mandalorian clan “Ghost” thus the remaining members of red phantom that followed the old ways went into hiding and Jason Phanto brought forth the Ghosts. The Last Leader was found and killed in year 18 and the others were arrested.