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The Tion Hegemony, established Year 9 Day 301, is a neutral government located in the north eastern part of the Outer Rim Territories more commonly referred to as the Tion Cluster. The Tion Hegemony pursues a policy of non-aggression toward its neighbours and is one of the founding states of the Galactic Concordiate. Led by Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin, the government resurrected the ancient Tionese culture and united the Tion Cluster under a single banner once more. Unlike its ancestral namesake, the Hegemony no longer sought dominance or war with its neighbours. Instead, accepted all beings into their homes, so long as they respected the laws and customs. The Tionese are a people of peace, respect, integrity, and, above all else, loyalty. All citizens are united in ensuring the continued prosperity of Tion. Now under the leadership of Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot, the government continues to grow the cluster through a period of economic prosperity. (Full article...)

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