Jinx Ocano

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Jinx Ocano
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Kitel Phard
Mother Deanna Ocano †
Father Victus Ocano †
Born Year 0 Day 2
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender ♀ Female
Political Information
Affiliation Imperial Logo.png Galactic Empire
Signature JinxOcanoSig.png

Jinx Ocano is a female Corellian from the Imperial planet of Kitel Phard. A devout Imperial, she maintained a quiet life as a child, focusing on educational pursuits and fitness. When her family relocated to Coruscant, Jinx saw the inner workings of an Imperial lifestyle, including loss and pain, strength and power. She maintained a keen interest in education and Imperial ideology as she passed into adulthood, having never left Imperial space. After the death of her mother, she spent years studying at the University of Coruscant, before the calling of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps drew her into the Imperial Academy and the life of an Imperial officer.



Jinx Ocano was born on the temperate world of Kitel Phard, situated in the Mid Rim of the galaxy, to Victus and Deanna Ocano. The picturesque world was the perfect place to raise a child, thanks to its lush landscapes, rolling hills, and vibrant cities, providing a picturesque backdrop to Jinx's formative years. The family spent several years on the planet, with Victus the Imperial Senator, and Deanna the arts performer doing what they could to maintain a hybrid lifestyle to allow limited disruption to Jinx's early upbringing. From a young age, Jinx displayed an inherent sense of discipline and order, traits that were instilled in her by her parents. She was raised with a deep-rooted sense of loyalty to Emperor Trey Connel and the ideals of the Empire. The Ocano household regularly echoed discussions of duty, honor, and the necessity of maintaining law and order throughout the galaxy.

As the Imperial Thone underwent a tumultuous cycle during the ascension of Emperor Mccarthur, The Ocano family transferred full-time to the Imperial homeworld of Coruscant, maintaining a regal apartment within the Senate Apartment Complex to allow Victus easier access to the inner circles of the regime. As she continued to grow as a small child, Jinx was drawn to stories of Imperial heroes and the stability that the Galactic Empire promised. The lifestyle surrounded her on Coruscant, and barely older than four years old she knew she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her parents. Deanna would tell bedtime tales of the Empire bringing order to chaotic worlds, instilling in Jinx a fervent belief in the Empire's mission. From an early age, she was enamored with the disciplined stormtroopers, seeing them as the embodiment of order and strength. Despite their sheer white exteriors, she felt a connection to the soldiers that remained within her, a connection that she sought to pursue once she was able to enlist within the Core herself.

During the fall of Emperor Charon in what was called the Third Imperial Civil War, Victus was targeted by numerous fanatics and separatists who opposed authority, blaming the turmoil on the failure that was their lives. This attack resulted in not only the death of Victus but also their removal from the Senate Apartment Complex and relocation to the Uscru District. While still heartbroken by the loss of her father, Jinx did her best to support her mother, now forced to undertake more shows within the walls of the Galaxies Opera House to ensure Jinx's lifestyle was secured. As the young Corellian continued to grow through the years, her faith in the Imperial ways did not wain, using her spare time between classes through primary and secondary education to survey scan data at the Imperial Institute of Cartographic Studies or sneak into a class at the University of Coruscant.

Tragedy struck the Ocano family once again when Jinx was only seventeen, having graduated higher education early. Imperial messengers delivered the news that a shuttle accident within the Metellos system had claimed the life of her mother Deanna while she was on a musical tour. Jinx was devasted at the loss of her mother. The woman had lived through numerous Civil Wars, Emperors and Imperial conflicts, but what finally brought her down was a shuttle promoting her operatic talents. Upon packing up their home within the Uscru District, Jinx was determined to carry on the legacy of her family. She found solace in her parents' commitment to the Imperial cause, viewing it as a way to honor her parents' memory and continue the family's legacy of loyalty to the Empire. Instead of joining the front lines, she first sought to study permanently at the University of Coruscant, where she undertook courses in astronavigation, political sciences, and alien languages. The various degrees, while time-consuming, gave her what she felt was finally the solid foundation she wanted to ensure she could make her parents proud as an Imperial servicewoman.

With her college certifications acquired, at the age of twenty-five, she enlisted in the Imperial Academy. While she always enjoyed astrological study, she wanted to remain grounded where possible. The idea of flying was not filled with crippling anxiety, but the sadness of not being able to say goodbye to her mother gave flight a slight discomfort that she didn't wish to experience daily. Instead, Jinx strove for a career in the Imperial Army, where she underwent rigorous training to become an Imperial officer. Her disciplined upbringing and unwavering belief in the Empire's principles allowed her to excel in her studies and training, earning her the respect of her peers and superiors. Her tutor in particular, Kara DuMonte, displayed the traits and talents that Jinx saw in her parents and sought to absorb all her instructor's teachings, with the desire to maintain the relationship after graduation as a mentor-mentee.

Second Lieutenant Jinx Ocano

Jinx's journey through the Imperial Order was marked by her dedication, strategic acumen, and unyielding loyalty. Despite the challenges she faced, Jinx remained resolute in her belief that the Galactic Empire was the only force capable of bringing true order to the galaxy. Her disciplined approach and unswerving loyalty were an aspiration of hers, and she hoped to become a symbol of the Empire's efficiency and strength to both her peers and commanding officers. While she was engaged in primary operations within the Stormtrooper Corps, she felt a need to fill what little spare time she had with tasks that could benefit more than just herself. Upon a chance meeting with several high-ranking individuals within The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order while she explored the archives within the COMPNOR Archology, Jinx took the opportunity to introduce herself and passed on various proposals she'd designed during her lifetime within Imperial walls. While she was concerned that she may have come on too strong and potentially caused some damage to her career prospects, feedback was positive and appeared to give her an advantage for her prospects of Imperial service.


Jinx maintains a very clean facade, with her minimalistic approach to things ensuring that she only maintains what is necessary. Her living quarters are always pristine and organized, with no clutter or unnecessary personal effects filling the space. While undiagnosed, it's believed that she has a somewhat autistic, obsessive-compulsive nature to her work and personal life, often struggling to maintain long-term relationships and friendships. Despite the Class A upbringing of her family, Jinx harbors no ill will or xenophobic views towards Class B and C citizens of the Galactic Empire. Her view is that despite differences, each species has its unique viewpoints and talents that can be of benefit to the Imperial cause, as provided this benefit is maintained, she harbors to no ill-will toward them.

She maintains a slender frame with regular fitness to ensure she can efficiently handle to demands of being an Imperial servicewoman, standing at 5'10 tall. When not wearing standard Imperial dress or uniforms, Jinx is seen either wearing comfortable suits or smart casual attire. Rarely seen in traditional, overly feminine attires, she prefers to keep her sexuality private to avoid potential distraction to other Imperial rank and file, while keeping her private affairs out of the public domain.