Kell Tainer

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Kell Tainer
Biographical Information
Race Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Light blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Rank Vice Admiral
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Centrepoint Station

Kell Tainer is a Human male whose last recorded sighting in the galaxy was Year 8 Day 300. He stands nearly two meters tall with a handsome sculpted face that holo-drama fans would adore. His light blue eyes were once described by Ugnaught females as mesmerizing. A rich layer of stubble covers his strong jawline, and light wrinkles are beginning to appear on his visage. His once dark hair has streaks of silver.

Little is known of Kell's family history or even where he was born, and Kell has never spoken about his family past or present. Kell's mother was a widow with two younglings. Her husband was shot down in starfigher combat under mysterious circumstances. When he was a young boy, the Tainers migrated to the planet of Sluis Van located in the southern region of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories near the Rimma Trade Route.

Growing up on Sluis Van, Kell became an adept starfighter mechanic. As a young idealist intent on making a difference as best as he could, he joined the Rebel Alliance. Eventually, Kell rose to the rank of Vice Admiral and Executive Officer of Alliance Logistics.

While serving in Alliance Logistics, Kell Tainer and his commanding officer Owan D'arc became displeased with the High Command. They believed their ideals didn't match those of their venal superior officers. The two adventurers made plans to start their own organization. During a lengthy discussion with Tainer, D'arc proposed the idea of a space station situated along a lucrative trade-route. Soon after, the two colleagues recruited Hobbes from the Conquest Fleet to join them in their endeavor. When the time came, a large portion of Alliance Logistics and the Conquest Fleet defected to form Centrepoint Space Station.

Centrepoint soon became renowned as a trustworthy company. Eventually, the station employed 44 full-time personnel including such notable figures as Biggs and Friar Blues. However, there were several minor setbacks. On one occasion, Biggs had a terse disagreement with Kell Tainer and departed the station. To replace Biggs, Warlord Khan was elevated to the position of Station Commander. Eventually, the notoriety of being Centrepoint's founder became too much for Kell. To escape his responsibilities, he faked his own death and disappeared. When rumors circulated that he was still alive, his reputation greatly suffered.