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Kell stands at nearly 2 metres tall with a handsome sculpted face that holo recorders would adore, a rich layer of stubble covers his strong jawline and the light wrinkles which are beginning to appear. His once dark hair now holds streaks of silver with free flowing locks framing his light blue eyes, they have been quoted as being piercing and mesmerizing. He is built like an athlete with broad shoulders.-Part of this are extracts from the Aaron Allston novel: Wraith Squadron.


Little is known of Kell's family history or where he was born. The Tainers came to Sluis Van when he was a young boy but before that there was no record of the family documents linked the family to Alderaan and the Doran's. A widow with two children after her husband was shot down in "Classified" circumstances. Ship log's indicate that all documentation regarding the Doran family was terminated at the same time as Identification banking and other documents suddenly appeared for a family named Tainer. However, this information cannot be confirmed and Kell has never spoken about his family past or present. On Sluis Van Kell became a fighter craft mechanic and joined the Alliance recently as a young man intent on serving the galaxy as best as he can. Kell was formerly a member of the Rebel Alliance holding the rank of Vice-Admiral and Executive Officer of Alliance Logistics. Kell's ideals didn't match the Alliance's. Kell went on to create Centrepoint Space Station with his Commanding Officer from Logistics - Anti-Tarkin. The two formed CSS into the one of the largest NFG's by far... Eventually being the icon of the galaxy was too much for Kell and in a shock turn of events Kell Tainer faked his own death which resulted in him being banished from the Combine....

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