Lasidious von Feldure

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Lasidious von Feldure
Biographical Information
Race Chiss/Human
Homeworld Dantooine
Mother Sa'ra von Feldure
Father Da'mal von Feldure †
Spouse None
Siblings Kal von Feldure, Fallah von Feldure, Da'lah von Feldure
Children None known
Born Year -15 Day 353
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Eye Color Red hue
Political Information
Affiliation Aurora Technologies
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire

Lasidious von Feldure is a retired commanding officer in the Imperial Navy who now serves in Aurora Technologies.

"You are in the midst of a conquest of which the effects upon the civilization and commerce of the Galaxy are incalculable. Each planet you meet will be relinquished of evil, fulfilled with prosperity and the usurpers of progress be punished for their weakness. The wisest, the most enlightened and the most virtuous will govern, and the people will be happy. But woe betide those who take up arms in favour of corruption and fight against us! There will be no hope for them; they will perish! We will teach them that it is easier to defy and to threaten us, than to defeat us!"
— Commander Feldure to the 5th Imperial Assault Group

Early Years

Lasidious von Feldure was born on Y-15 D353 to an upper-middle class, aristocratic family on Dantooine. Lasidious had for centuries past been the name given to the second son born to the Feldure family, also had it been the tradition for one son to be in military service and one to shadow the father and manage the family estate. Lasidious's elder brother Kal lacked the courage to face the dangers of military action and regarded the military profession with the opinions that come only from a coward's point of view. So Lasidious entered the Imperial Academy, to the shame of his Father a lifelong fool and puppet who saw the Galactic Empire as a villainous burden on the galaxy. He was a fool of a Republican by choice, that was to Lasidious's shame.

Service to the Throne

Under the guise of "Von Pook" Feldure entered the Imperial Academy and was happy to do so for his mind was beginning to work; Throwing away the shackles of his past he was anxious to learn, to know, to get on, and to serve the Emperor. He devoured books, learnt the ancient galactic campaigns, embraced the Imperial mindset and soon became the talk of the class. He was admired, envied; He claimed he was conscious of his growing powers and admitted he enjoyed his superiority.

Feldure, 2nd from left; during Imperial Academy basic training.

It was on the third month at the academy that he received the news that his father, the sole financial support of his youth, had died, killed in a local worker uprising. The galaxy had lost a rebellious old fool and Feldure's dull witted, cowardly brother had gained the family estate. From that day Feldure found himself dedicated beyond duty to the Empire, determined not to have such a pointless and naive life as his father and brother.

"And now I am here, between stars, dreaming, and dissolving my melancholy in the full vent of Imperial service. To where will it take me today? Again to the verge of death? Still at the dawn of life, I must hope for many more days to come. It now feels a lifetime since I last saw my family, a parting that filled me with nothing but the greatest of joy. That was a time when I feared death, but now I do not, now I fear a life of failure. So what then drives me to not fear self-destruction? It is not through despair and a will to give-up because I'm lost in endless thoughts of the sufferings of life, no it is not, it is simple; death is inevitable, beyond our jurisdiction, so why not commit one's end to that of a greater cause? One that will live on when you are dust, and that is one reason why I will always serve the greatest of the Galaxy's causes, that of the Galactic Empire!"
— From Feldure's personal log as a Flight Corporal

Imperial Navy

Feldure graduated from the Imperial Academy and was immediately transferred to the Imperial Navy as a Cadet. He was assigned to the Fifth Imperial Fleet under Commander Mayas Lennorian. As a TIE/ln pilot Feldure quickly cut his teeth in combat within the inner core systems, suppressing smugglers and enemy military recon units. Feldure took the initiative to protect his comrades as much as possible and provide a firm leadership to his squadron whenever possible and was soon raised to the Sergeant ranks. Leading up to day 300 of year 11 Feldure took it upon himself to offer a proposal to Naval High Command, a proposal that would quickly see him working closely alongside Naval High Command in developing the roles of flight sergeants within the Imperial Navy and formulating a codex that would expand the duties, positions and powers available to them. Although Feldure's finalised proposal met the approval of the Imperial Throne the project had to be cancelled only weeks away from instigation due to new military reforms brought in by the new regime under Emperor Cherokee.

As the regime of Emperor Bonias had finally crumbled, and after around a year of service to the Empire, Feldure was elevated into officer-hood.

On Year 12 Day 32 with great sadness, yet being carried by his strong will to fulfil a prosperous future in Imperial Navy, Feldure transferred from the Fifth Imperial Fleet to the 1st Imperial Fleet as a Capital Ship commander. The Fifth Imperial Fleet had been his home since graduating from the Imperial Academy, but with the determination to further his career and experience as an Officer and Commander, Feldure set forth. From that moment Feldure's career progressed swiftly as more opportunity opened up for him and he was recognised for it, and on Year 12 day 84 Feldure achieved his first command position when Imperial Naval Command appointed him as the new Executive Officer of the 5th Assault Group of the 4th Imperial Fleet.

"The Empire expects great things of you; but will you be worthy of that trust? There are many more battles before you, more worlds to capture, more systems to liberate. You all burn to carry forward the glory of the Imperial Navy; to dictate a glorious peace; and to be able, when you return to your homes, to exclaim with pride: `I belonged to the glorious 5th Group!´"
— Exert from Lieutenant Feldure's speech to his Assault Group as the newly appointed Executive Officer.

As his second tour of duty was coming to a closure and only a few weeks after his appointment as Executive Officer, Feldure was finally given command of the 5th Naval Group, the placement making him one of the most junior officers to achieve the honour to date. Command within the Imperial Navy saw Feldure involved in many operations, including defence of the Imperial Sector of Tapani and Imperial Oversector of Coruscant, combat escorts of Imperial and Imperial Union delegations and galactic explorations to expand, maintain and reorganise Imperial space.


On Y12 D39 Feldure was personally requested by Vizier Vaan to evaluate the Imperial Archives in preparation for a reform that he would head. The Archives had fallen into a minor state of chaos; The database system had not been kept up to date to a high enough standard and had, itself, become outdated. Feldure alongside Imperial Intelligence Director Ventidius went about redesigning the main layout of the Archive database, ripping out the unnecessary elements that had developed over the years and replacing it with a far more concise and appropriate system for the modern Galactic Public.

On first accessing the database Feldure had discovered that a vast majority of Imperial historical events had been left undocumented or worse still had been doctored. Other articles were out of date or missing vital information. He went about correcting this, reprogramming the database's main information category and storage system and removing dysfunctional staff members and hiring new. With the help of various Imperial command members he was also able to recover some documents and holo-recordings that had fallen out of public hands and re-display them within the Archives. Other than documents and other data, artifacts slowly began arriving for display and storage in the Archives. The initial reform was a great success and Feldure was soon appointed Director of the Imperial Archives under the approval of Grand Vizier Jorus Taidan.

Feldure headed the Imperial Archives for several successful months until the opportunity arose to take on a higher position. On day 231 of year 12 Feldure was placed by the Grand Vizier at the head of the newly formed Imperial Information Service, the mass media department of the Galactic Empire.

Imperial Service
Preceeded By:
Krakonico Petermind
Deputy Director of the Imperial Centre of Recruitment
Year 12 Day 241 - Year 12 Day 363
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Position created
Director of the Imperial Information Service
Year 12 Day 231 - Year 12 Day 363
Succeeded By:
Santiano Salazar
Preceeded By:
Marullinus Gentian
Group Commanding Officer 5GRP/4IF
Year 12 Day 154 - Year 13 Day 120
Succeeded By:
Jorn Stones
Preceeded By:
Kate Black-Granger
Director and Principal Librarian of the Imperial Archives
Year 12 Day 86 - Year 12 Day 231
Succeeded By:
Santiano Salazar
Preceeded By:
Ardath Lemeth
Group Executive Officer 5GRP/4IF
Year 12 Day 84 - Year 12 Day 154
Succeeded By:
Jorn Stones (Y12D179)

A New Beginning

On Year 13 Day 120: Feldure handed in his request to be relinquished from service to the Imperial Throne and departed Imperial space.

Metamorphosis Plague

On Year 14 Day 53 Feldure, after being wounded in combat on Derra IV, begins to show the first signs of the Metamorphosis Plague.