Lorenzas Atticus

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Lorenzas Atticus
Lorenzas Atticus.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Iktotchi
Homeworld Iktotch Moon
Mother Ursula Atticus
Father Atticus Atticus
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6.2 meters
Coloring red and pink skin
Eye Color yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Ailon Nova Guard
Rank none
Positions freelance
Prior Affiliation Ailon Nova Guard, Corellian Engineering Corporation, Elderan Extractions
Awards Three time Krieg's Run Regular Season Champion, Krieg's Run Grand Champion (Season 2), Captain of Colonial Shockball League team Corulus Guardians (Two time league champions)

Nicknamed "The Fastest Pilot in the Galaxy" Lorenzas Atticus has a reputation as a thrill seeker and ultra competitive Iktotchi. He was the Krieg's Run Racing Champion's Race Winner (Season 2), and a three time Krieg's Run regular season winner. He was also Captain of 2-time defending Colonial Shockball League Champion Corulus Guardians when the league folded.

He is currently a freelancer after leaving his position of leader of Ailon Nova Guard for four years. He became leader of ANG after replacing Xavier Bourdain on Year 15 Day 2 and was formally Commanding Officer of The 44th Fleet known as Bones Brigade. He also served as Governor of Qiilura (System) after Ailon Nova Guard took control of the planet in Year 14.

Lorenzas was born on Iktotch Moon to Atticus and Ursula Atticus. Atticus Atticus became a diplomat representing Iktotch Moon when Lorenzas was ten and moved the family to Coruscant. There Lorenzas attended the finest schools and military academies on the planet leaving him with perfectly spoken Basic and a high level of education. Once Lorenzas turned eighteen years old he returned to Iktotch Moon for elite pilot training in the notoriously difficult to manage winds of the moon.

After six years on Iktotch Moon Lorenzas was recruited by Ailon Nova Guard to be a naval officer and pilot. He underwent extensive hand-to-hand combat and weapons training in the Ailon Academy. Ailon Nova Guard was absorbed by the Galactic Empire in Year 12 Day 12 after a deal made by then leader Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl and Lorenzas briefly became a member of Corellian Engineering Corporation. He left CEC to join Kain Elderan and Elderan Extractions but after a month Lorenzas was approached by Ailon Nova Guard's High Command about being a founding member in the resurrection of Ailon Nova Guard as a shipbuilding facton. Lorenzas accepted the offer and subsequently moved up the ranks eventually becoming Commanding Officer of The 44th Fleet and later went on to become leader of Ailon Nova Guard.