Lynxus Calridian

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Lynxus Calridian
Lynxus Calridian.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Winter Calridian (Deceased)
Father Huron Alraan (Deceased)
Spouse Rayne Calridian (Deceased)
Siblings None
Children 2, 1 daughter (Deceased), 1 son (Missing)
Born Year -35, Went missing on year 11
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Krath Dynasty
Rank Pilot
Positions Logistics
Prior Affiliation None
Awards None


Early Life

Lynxus was born on the planet of Tatooine to the Alderaanian Huron and the Chiss Winter. He had a typical life until the age of 10, when his father was murdered by a group of Tusken Raiders. Soon after, he and his mother left Tatooine and went to Naboo to live with his father's sister.

On Naboo, he met his later wife at the age of 16. She was 13. He fell in love immediately, though she never returned the feeling. A few years after meeting her, men attempted to rob and rape her, which Lynxus prevented, killing the men. At this point, she fell in love and a few weeks later, the two were married.

On the year of -2, Lynxus went to Malastare on a mission for the Galactic Empire. There he found a young Dug, which he rescued from slavery. He bought the young dug for a substantial amount of credits, though he couldn't afford to purchase the young Dugs mother and father. They were left on Malastare.

He trained this young dug in piloting, much like he was doing. He and the young dug were separated in the year of 4. They had never seen each other since then.

Life in Krath


In galactic year 11, Lynxus Calridian came across a transmission from the governmental body of Kathol, Krath Dynasty, while moving stolen goods for a client.





Events up to his disappearance

False Betrayal

To begin the events leading to his disappearance, there was a great betrayal in the midst of Krath in which he was sucked in to.

It was an average day for him. He was retrieving and moving property of the Krath Dynasty in a Capital Class YV-666, doing 3 jobs at a time, which was typical for him. He had not anticipated being pulled into a plot against Krath. A few hours into the job, he received a communication on his Comlink from his friend, Dracon Cor, stating that Krath had betrayed the Smugglers Alliance. Lynxus was disgusted at the actions that were claimed against the Krath Dynasty: Robbery and abandonment.

Quickly, Lynxus ran to the docking bay of the YV-666 and boarded his Firespray-Class Interceptor, the Void I, and took flight from the capital ship, believing that Krath would be coming for him next due to his relationship with the Smugglers Alliance. He knew the risks of leaving his post unannounced, and what it would ultimately lead to: him being labeled as a criminal against the Dynasty, and his immediate termination; but he minded not because he was heading off to help his long time friend.

As he departed, he quickly made communications with Dracon, requesting union with with the Smugglers Alliance for protection. Dracon soon after responded stating that the Smugglers Alliance would be honored to have him join them, which he quickly did. He began moving Ryll and producing Ryll products for the Smugglers Alliance, not knowing what was brewing behind the scenes.

Lies Behind the Face

As before with Krath, Lynxus worked hard to impress the higher ups in Smugglers Alliance. He did everything he was ordered to do, along with extra just to prove his worth. Slowly, however, he noticed changes in his friend Dracon's personality towards him. Dracon began to become more and more detached and wanting of revenge on Krath. His friend didn't seem to be the man he once was; a man of integrity, respect, and honor. He confronted Dracon's then Fiance, Ma`at, about this, but she had no information.

Soon after these events, Lynxus got a particular holotransmission from an undisclosed source offering him solace and revenge on Krath. Lynxus was at first a bit skeptical of the transmission, thinking it was a joke or a prank, until be began deciphering it a little more deeply. It turned out to be a message from Tar Alaks, a Vigo of the Black Sun Syndicate, offering Lynxus a chance to take revenge on those who had wronged Smugglers Alliance. Excited, Lynxus ran to Dracon, telling him about the newly found opportunity to get back what was stolen. He told Dracon everything.

Dracon seemed to listen interestedly. He took in every bit of information that Lynxus told him, but for all of the wrong reasons. A few days after Lynxus spilled everything to Dracon, Dracon went before Krath's High Council. He told them everything Lynxus had told him; everything about Black Sun contacting Lynxus to rob them.

The Krath Dynasty didn't take the threat against their established existence lightly and immediately put a bounty upon Lynxus's head, which Dracon headed the operation. Dracon soon after message Lynxus a message of distress, saying that their top ryll producer had fallen ill and that he needed Lynxus to go to the factor and start the next round immediately, or they might fall dangerously behind. Lynxus, being the man he was, took this as an opportunity to prove himself. Sadly, he would never make it to the factor.

As soon as he landed the Void I onto the surface of the planet, it was boarded by armed men, lead by Dracon himself. Dracon quickly seized Lynxus, locking him in stun cuffs, and announcing the words "You are under arrest by order of the Mighty Krath Dynasty.", he smiled in Lynxus's face... Lynxus was able to get off a single communication from Dracon's ship, giving a summary of his life.

His Final Holotransmission

This message was received on an unknown broadcasting channel to all datapads in the Trax sector. Only a select few received the message, and even less believed the message.

"*A holoprojection appears, loading the information for Lynxus Calridian. An automated voice begins announcing the progress of loading.*

    • ---Data Retrieval in Progress… … …---**
    • ---Obtaining Sentient Data On: Lynxus Calridian… … …---**
    • ---Database Entry Partially Corrupt, Obtaining Readable Data… … …---**
    • ---Caching Readable Data, Converting to User Language… … …---**

Personal Information:

Name: Lynxus Calridian

  • The holoprojector shows an aged man, roughly 47, covered in battle scars. His name is Lynxus Calridian. A man of great stature, his body is covered in tribal-esque tattoos and markings. His most identifiable feature is his single left eye, the right he had lost in combat. He slowly exhales, and begins to speak*

“I hardly remember my past anymore… It’s been a long, hard 46 years since birth and, daily, it seems my past is slowly erased… This galaxy is changing… Quickly it’s changing, and the war is getting fiercer. I… I don’t know if I’ll make it through alive, so I’m leaving this. The account of what I still remember in my life…

I was born on Tatooine to an Alderaanian male, Huron Alraan, and a Chiss female, Winter Calridian. Unlike many who live on Tatooine, I was not born into slavery, and my parents lived there by their own free will. Truthfully, it’s not nearly as bad as everyone says. Of course there are Tusken Raider raids, and the occasional random desert beast wandering into town, but nothing that was too damaging or bad that could kill the entire populace.

One of the few things I remember was when my father went missing… When I was 10, my father went out to hunt and ran into a group of Tuskens… Needless to say, a single man versus a raiding party usually ends up in the man being brutally murdered; my father was no exception… They felt no mercy towards the man, as he begged for them to spare him, and as they tore his body apart, leaving a savage mess across the desert sands…

Soon after this, me and my dear mother left Tatoonine, is search of a place to call home; A place with no memories that we had never been to before. That place would be Naboo. This is where I met my future wife, Rayne. She was much like my mother… She was Chiss, as well, in fact, which was rare to find outside of their home world. She knew nothing of the outer galaxy beyond her home planet, much like me.

We met when I was only 16 years old. I was in a small Naboo farming community when I came across the most beautiful Chiss maiden. Never in my dreams did I believe I would ever find someone so beautiful, so breath taking, and would be able to call her my own. The first time I talked to her, I was petrified with fear of rejection, but she was just as warm and caring as any man could hope. The year I turned 25, we married, after 9 years of being together.

At the age of 35, I joined the Galactic Empire army, which I served in countless battles and gained countless scars as a Storm and Snow trooper. While in this military, I had 2 daughters, Nova and Fauroa, and a single Son, named after my father, Huron…”

  • Lynux’s hologram pauses, sighing slight, and a tear forms in his eye.*

“And I… I remember one thing about my past… The day they, my family, were taken away from me… The day the Empire betrayed me… It was year 5 ABY, 5 years after I had joined the military of the Galactic Empire… My family was leaving Naboo, relocating to Aaris III when it happened… On exit of atmosphere, their shuttle was shot down by a TIE Fighter squad… My two daughters and wife were found amongst the wreckage, while my son has yet to be recovered… I...”

  • Static rings out as the video feed freezes. The automated voice begins to speak again.*
    • ---Data Corrupt: Playback aborted… … …---**
    • ---Attempting Recovery: 1%... … … … … … … … … … … Partially recovered---**
    • ---Attempting playback… … … …---**
      • Connection Terminated By: Unknown Source in Kathol, Data Unreadable***"