Malic Nihilnovi

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Malic Nihilnovi
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Biographical Information
Race Cathar
Homeworld Cathar
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Born Year -12, Day 107
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Ellipsis
Prior Affiliation Aliit Gav

Malic Nihilnoviis a Cathar pilot who was recently injured in a crash landing. While Malic's injuries were minor and non-life threatening, the blow to the head he sustained has left him with temporary amnesia. Though he can not remember his past, he remains fluent in Catharese and Basic as well as being able to recognize Cathar culture when he sees it. All this lead him to the assumption that he was born on Cathar, his people's home planet.

After the Crash

Awakening on Cathar

During an emergency crash landing, with Malic supposedly as the ships pilot, a small freighter ship crashed on the surface of Cathar. Most of the ship was damaged beyond repair with its cargo destroyed or looted. Malic was the only one to be found aboard the crashed vessel by a tribe of Cathar who just happened to be nearby when the ship impacted. They tended his wounds and took him to a nearby starport where he recovered quickly, waking only to find his memories of who he was and where he had come from all a blur. While he was able to remember his name from a set of dogtags with the Cathar's name etched into them.

After a making a full recovery, Malic contacted a representative of the Ellipsis mercenary group and offered his services in exchange for a new ship. Being hired on as a pilot and gifted with a YT-2000 which the Cathar dubbed "The Bataan Flower", he began picking up the pieces as he worked for the company.

The Mandalorian

During a routine delivery job for Ellipsis, Malic was introduced to the Mandolorian Srota Ron and became intrigued by the ways of the Mandolorian. Spending much time learning and talking with his new Mandolorian friend, Malic eventually decided that he wanted to become a Mandolorian as well. He learned the language, Mando'a, and the Resol'nare that would become his way of life.

In the year 14 day 135, Malic was adopted by Srota Ron and officially accepted into Aliit Gav, becoming a Mandalorian. By this time he was already fluent in Mando'a and had crafted himself a unique armor for himself. But this new turn was not to last, for soon after joining the Aliit, troubles beset Srota who left the aliit and Malic left not long after.

Memories of the Past

Malic lost his memories of his past, but this is only temporary. As memories return to him, this section will grow and become clearer. Not all of what is here may be true, as memories even not obscured by amnesia can become faded and corrupted by time.