Markus Furian

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Markus Furian
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Father Dred Furian
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Haor Chall Engineering
Rank Transport Specilist
Positions Assurian Unit Commander
Prior Affiliation The Azure Empire

Galactic Republic Elite Commando - Blue Guard Commander

BlackSword Fleet Security

Keer Nation (Head of Security)

Awards Warlord Furian - Shoki shoen


Markus Furian was born on Tatooine. Life on Tatooine was Hard, but made one strong. Raised in the ways of the Mandalorian Culture, by his father Dred of Clan Furian. Most of Markus' family where killed on Tatooine. When the Empire came looking to hunt down Jedi. A few of Markus' family were force sensitive an where either killed or taken. Clan Furian fought the Empire for a week, before there where no more males or females to fight. A few fleed with the Child of Dred. His cousins raised him the best they could on Abrion Major. Abrion Major is a major stronghold and Abrion a major system of Mandalorians an clans of Strength an Honor. Here Markus grew up into a fine young warrior an Mando. He joined the Mandalorian Gov an proceeded to impress his commanding officers an fellow soldiers as well. He Obtained the rank of SGT Major before resigning his NCO commission.

This young warrior then joined the Galactic Republic, and after much training an battle in Build wars, an conquereing of much in the Name of the Galactic Republic achieved the Rank of Commander of the Senate Guard also known as the Blue Guard. Seeing the corruption of the Galactic Republic Commander Furian left to find more too the galaxy an find more in himself. He know serves and works with his adopted sister Kyria Wild the Duchess of HCE. To help build a better Galaxy for tommorrow. Markus also has enlisted his skills an Building war an technical ability into the Military of the Azure Empire.

He currently is hauling Rms at HCE, and has amassed a nice small fleet of ships an stations too help in the future of Centrality an the Azure Empire.