Max Fors

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Max Fors
Max Fors Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Positions Supreme Commander

Max Fors was a Human male who served as the sixteenth recorded Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance from Year 3 to Year 4.[1] During Fors' tenure, he appointed Davvyk Lysander as his Executive Officer and as Commander of Military Operations (CMO).[2] Notable personnel in Fors' High Command included High Marshal Ava'taar Vird'rnnaa of Starfighter Command; High Admiral Bisz Aldaris of the Alliance Navy; High Ambassador Reajiad Nero of the Diplomacy Corps; Chief of Interior Lyellin, and Director Nim Orlan of Rebel Intelligence.[2] Years later, Fors served as Prime Minister of the Falleen Federation during the reign of King Bisz Aldaris.[3]


Max Fors joined the Alliance and was assigned to the Air Force of Planetary Command. He started to show signs of his talents early in his time here. He was soon promoted to a Lieutenant in the Planetary Command. The Air Force was merged with the Starfighter Command to help rebuild the numbers within that command and give those members of the Air Force a chance they were not given. Max excelled even more during this transition. He helped the B-Wing fighter group grow into a well oiled machine. He continued to move up the chain of Command until he became High Marshal.

After some time as Commanding Officer of Starfighter Command, Max moved on to be the Governor of Republica. He continued to help the Alliance as a whole. When Relm decided to step down as Supreme Commander, Max stepped forward to take over as Supreme Commander. With this new responsibility, he continued to make the Alliance better. When he felt that he has accomplished all he could, he stepped down to allow the replacement as Starfighter Command CO to move up and continue to march toward the future. He had continued to help out the Alliance with words of advice even though he was Military Commander of the Falleen Federation as well as Prime Minister.


Max Fors in the Falleen Federation

Positions Held:

  • Flight Officer, Rebel Alliance Planetary Command
  • B-Wing Division Pilot, Rebel Alliance Starfighter Command
  • B-Wing Division Commanding Officer, Rebel Alliance Starfighter Command
  • High Marshal, Rebel Alliance High Command
  • Supreme Commander, Rebel Alliance
  • Minister of Defence, Falleen Federation
  • Prime Minister, Falleen Federation

Honors and Awards:

Operational Participation:

  • Operation Tenax
  • Operation Xanet
  • From The Ashes (Red Scenario)
  • Project Eon

Notable Accomplishments:

  • In a single A-wing, took on a fleet of Sith Warships and their escorts during From the Ashes
  • Led the construction of the R&D Station, Daedalus, in Republica
  • Led the construction of Custom Defence Stations in the Republica system

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