Nomak Drome

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Nomak Drome
Biographical Information
Race H'nemthean
Homeworld H`nemthe
Born Year -21
Died Year 15
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98 Meters
Coloring Purple/Green
Eye Color Fluorescent Green
Political Information
Affiliation The Krath Dynasty, Order of Krath, Astaroth, Minos-Mestra Munitions, Association for Mayagil Sovereignty
Prior Affiliation Lant Mining Corporation, Aratech, Cybot Galactica, Invisible Army

The H'nemthean Nomak Drome was a Krath Lord, former leader of Aratech and former Master-at-Arms (2iC) of the Krath Dynasty. A decorated war hero who participated in countless wars throughout Krath history.

In Year 15, he was betrayed by his fellow Krath Lord Maximus Archer while they were training together. He was captured and presented to the Order of the Sith. By order of the Dark Lord, he was brought to the Dark Temple on Korriban and beheaded by Darth Surra.

The Drome Foundation was named after Nomak and funds 22 Medical centres around Krath territory.

In his honor for founding Aratech, their first Nebulon-B frigate was named in his honor.