Rintonne's Flame

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LCM Rintonne's Flame
Karyai .png
Production information
Galactic registry ID# 132731
Production date Day 158 of Year 9 (CGT)
Class Corvette
Model Bayonet
Manufacturer Unknown
Technical specifications
Length 200 meters
Engine unit(s) Ter58 ion turbine engine (2)
Hoersch-Kessel ion drive (3)
Speed Hyperdrive: 4.0
Sublight: 20 MGLT
Armament Turbolaser (8)
Heavy laser (6)
Tractor beam (2)
Standard systems Docking bay (1)
Hangar bay (1)
Docking port (1)
Medical ward (1)
Flight-grade repulsorlifts
Escape pod (4)
Modified systems Exterior paint scheme
Complement Y-wing BTL-S3 (14)
Escort JM5000 gunboat (3)
Crew 150 (standard)
90 (skeleton)
40 (skeleton and slave-rigged/automated)
Passengers 200 maximum (typically naval infantry)
Cargo capacity 3,500 tons
Consumables 1 year (maximum crew)
3 years (minimal crew)
Commissioned Year 14 (CGT) as Karyai Mar'e
Year 16 (CGT) as Gree's Defiance
Year 20 (CGT) as Resol'nare Partaylir
Year 21 (CGT) as LCM Rintonne's Flame
Role(s) Patrol
Affiliation Dael'mor
LodeCorp Mining
Owner(s) LodeCorp Mining
Commander(s) Nu-ada Serv'laya

The LCM Rintonne's Flame is a Bayonet-class light cruiser that serves as an atmospheric assault corvette as part of LodeCorp Mining's naval fleet. Captained by Nu-ada Serv'laya, it is stored within the Reliance fleet carrier to serve as a support craft for the cruiser's independent operations.


Constructed by an unknown producer sometime in Year 9 (CGT), this cruiser's history is shrouded by the cloak of the Black Sun syndicate's notorious secrecy. While assigned to the defense fleet of the Gree system, the cruiser fell into the hands of Clan Dael'mor during their departure from the syndicate; it was later gifted to Tomas o`Cuinn as a token of friendship by Cait Catra, Aliit'buir of Clan Dael'mor and former Dark Princess of Black Sun.

The first starship design to feature the specific V-shape, the Bayo is capable of concentrating nearly all of its weaponry into its forward firing arc. While somewhat outdated by current military hardware, the cruiser is still very capable of dominating the battlefield against similarly-dated ships or when facing inexperienced captains. In an effort to counter one of the the stock design's main issues, a number of additional communication relays were installed throughout the ship to allow the command module to communicate without interference from the cruiser's ion drives. The Bayonet design is a personal favorite of Cuinn's, meaning that despite the ship's obvious disadvantages during combat, his desire to retire or sell the vessel is almost nonexistent. As a result, LCM Rintonne's Flame is used mainly during lesser engagements when heavy firepower and the ability to withstand large hits are not required.

Fighter & Escort Complement

The underwhelming amount of weaponry found on LCM Rintonne's Flame leaves it vulnerable to all sorts of enemy starships during operations without additional fleet support. To protect this dated ship, the cruiser carries its own fourteen-strong complement of bomber-class starfighters of a singular design. To provide additional security for the lightly-armed Bayonet, three JM5000 gunboats provide an armed escort detail for the cruiser. The pilots of the bomber and gunboat squadrons train regularly on flight and combat simulators in a process of continuous improvement, keeping their skills honed and ready for any sudden combat engagements.

Jai'galaar Squadron


Jai'galaar Squadron, made up of twelve BTL-S3 Y-wing bombers with two ships in reserve, operates as a multi-role squadron capable of engaging any type of enemy ship. With its weaponry including heavy lasers, ion cannons, and proton torpedoes, it easily fills whatever role is necessary to handle almost any scenario. An impressive level of hull durability and deflector shielding makes these bombers capable of sustaining extensive damage during dogfights, maximizing their offensive up time and therefore overall destructive output. Due to its lower maneuverability, that durability is relied upon during engagements with other starfighters. Despite its obvious disadvantages in dogfights, its small size, durability, and weaponry make it a deadly threat to capital-class starships. The strong performance and low maintenance cost of this multi-role design made it a perfect fit for operating out of LCM Rintonne's Flame.

Gra'tua Squadron


Gra'tua Squadron, made up of three JM5000 gunboats, operates as a multi-role escort squadron capable of engaging any type of enemy ship. Its abundant fit of heavy lasers is capable of decimating enemy starfighters while its proton torpedoes provide additional firepower in conjunction with LCM Rintonne's Flame's turbolasers to attrit the deflector shields and hull plating of enemy capital-class starships. With a level of maneuverability comparable to a bomber starfighter but equipped with heavier hull reinforcements and deflector shields, the JM5000's alone provide a formidable target for potential aggressors, while the Jai'galaar Squadron flying in support only serves to inflate the dangers of those launching an attack against it. The JM5000 was intended for long-term action on distant frontlines of military conflicts, the design of which lends itself to successfully operating as an independent escort for the Bayonet-class cruiser with regular resupply and crew cycling.