Rylee o`Cuinn

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Rylee o`Cuinn
Biographical Information
Full Name Logan Rylee o`Cuinn
Race Human(Hapan/Coruscanti)
Homeworld Timora
Residence Woldona system
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Year 10 (BCGT)
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic, Hapan, Coruscanti, Mando'a
Limited: Ewok, Corellian
Religion Manda
Quote "We make our own destinies here."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 30
Height 1.89 meters
Weight 195lbs (88kg)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Political Information
Political Standing Neutral
Affiliation Dael'mor
Zaltin Corporation
Current Positions Al'Baar'ur, Dael'mor
Al'Baar'ur, Mando'ade
President, Zaltin Corporation
Past Affiliations Sevetta Conglomerate


Rylee o`Cuinn is the Al'Baar'ur of both Mando'ade and Clan Dael'mor, President of the Zaltin Corporation, and a member of the o`Cuinn family. Previously, he was the Vice President of Mining and then Medicine for the Sevetta Conglomerate. Rylee is an avid trader and collector of gaming merchandise and memorabilia.


Parents: Rylee's mother is Gwynn Buchanon of clan Tay`Eldadriel on Timora. Rylee's father is Gavyn o`Cuinn of clan Dael'Mor. When they were married they both served their respective clans but Gwynn lived with her husband in Dael'Mor space. in Year 11 BCGT, after a mission, Gavyn did not meet at the rendezvous point after the mission. After 2 months searching, Gwynn Returned to her father's home on Timorra and clan Tay`Eldadriel to mourn. At that time she discovered she was pregnant.

Rylee was born in year 10 BCGT and was raised and trained as a Mandalorian within the clan. It was quickly discovered that he had a way with money and trading, and he quickly took over Supplies acquisition and distribution for the clan as a young man.

Circa year 10 CGT, Clan Ky'Bris was formed and settled on Timora as well. After a couple of great battles, the leaders of the two clans met and decided to end the wars and merge clan Tay`Eldadriel into clan Ky'Bris which was the larger clan at the time.

This is when he met Jaydon TaVolarian, who is the WeaponsMaster for clan Ky'Bris. They worked together to keep the clan supplied and armed. They became very good friends and Rylee could often be found in the company of Jaydon, her children Jaered and Teeanna, and the Ewok, Wolf, that was the constant companion of her children. During this time, Rylee realized a fascination with medical production and treatment and started medical training.

Early in Year 19, Rylee's mother received a distress signal in her helmet communicator. It was received on the private comm channel that only his mother and father used when they were in battles with his father's clan: Dael'Mor. So it was that Rylee set out in Year 19 with his mother's Buy'ce for Woldona to reconnect with his father's family and clan Dael'Mor to try and solve the mystery of his disappearance.



Rylee currently has been training small creatures for battle simulations. Below is a portrait of one of his simulations he ran.