Saba Ku

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Saba Ku
Biographical Information
Race Unknown
Homeworld Serenno
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unmarried
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Coloring Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Gordian Reach Authority
Rank Imperator
Positions - Count of Serenno

- Imperator of The Gordian Reach Authority

- Member of the Massassi Order

Awards Horniest Barabel in the Gordian Reach and the Galaxy



Saba was born to a small family in the grassland meadows of Serenno. While not wealthy, the Ku family owned and operated a local menagerie that brought in a modest income. They exhibited exotic creatures of all sorts that travelers would fly across the galaxy to see. Saba worked as a caretaker for many of his younger years, working closely with all forms of creatures. It was said he had a knack for taming even the most ferocious of beasts.

Outside of his familial job Saba was often found exploring the countryside. He'd disappear for days at time and usually return carrying some relic he found in his travel.

Ravaged by the metamorphosis plague his physical form has undergone many changes.

Gordian Reach Authority

Saba joined the local manufacturing powerhouse Hoersch-Kessel Drive and helped grow and transform it into the Gordian Reach Authority government.

Massassi Order

When Saba was found to be force sensitive he joined the local Government's force sect, the Massassi Order. As a member of the Massassi Order Saba routinely tests the sensitivity of other sentients and helps train those found to share a connection with the force.

Council of the Reach

A member of the ruling council, Saba oversaw the government's military division.

Counts of Serenno

Originally a Lord of Serenno Saba entered nobility from a young age. Under the guidance of Bossive Ketwol, Saba swiftly worked his way up the ranks. Upon being bestowed the title of Count, Saba was also gifted the planet itself. Today, Saba is one of the Counts of Serenno, a title he wears with pride.

The Force

Saba was found to be force sensitive at a young age. Throughout the years he has spent countless hours honing his connection to the force. Saba has studied under many different masters taking each's unique offerings and refining his skillset.

He can often be found offering free and safe force tests to any individual in need.


Saba trained under notable masters such as:

Dol Ka

Rawth Shacklefist


Saba trained the following students:

Sinya Ani

Kalia Varnos

Companions and Crew

Lucyfer "Lucy" Vulptex Sabalucy.png
Gojira Rancor Sabaranc.jpg
Black Rathtar #1 Rathtar Sabarath.png
Black Rathtar #2 Rathtar Sabarath.png
Alpha Purrgil Purrgil Sabapurrg.png
Beta Purrgil Purrgil Sabapurrg.png
BD-3987 "Asasa" BD-3000 SabaBD.png

Prized Possessions

The Chosen Undead Acclamator-class Assault Ship SabaAcc.png
Mandalorian Helmet Mandalorian Helmet Sabamandohelm.jpg
Mandalorian Armour Mandalorian Armour Sabamandoarm.jpg
Mandalorian Toolbelt Mandalorian Toolbelt Sabamandobelt.jpg
Mandalorian Jetpack Mandalorian Jetpack Sabamandojet.png
Saba Ku's Lightsaber Lightsaber Sabasaber.jpg
Bossive Ketwol's Lightsaber Lightsaber Sabasaber.jpg