Clementine Everett

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Clementine Everett
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Born Y5 D133
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6m
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel Gold
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Neutral Freelancer/ Smuggler/ Hunter

Flagship: [[Modular Taskforce Carrier [CE] Cin Vhetin

Other notable ships: YT-2000 [CE] FireBreath

Sprint-Class Rescue Craft [CE] Ever Light-Little Red Riding Hood and [CE] EmeraldDeath

Residence: Gordian Reach (currently). Krmar II (Formerly), Kiffex (Formerly), Nimban (Formerly), Malastare (Formerly).

People often underestimate Clementine due to her short stature and small build. She is nice and kind to her friends and allies; to her enemies she is merciless.

Motto: "To see the Galaxy and avenge my family is my destiny"


Childhood (Y5-13)

Clementine, also known as "Clem" has lived a hard life. Her family was murdered by the Archduchy of Tolonda (AoT) when she was 8 years old. On Y13 D134, while her family was visiting the Krmar system their Corvette was attacked. They were on vacation to visit family members living on Krmar II, a planet which was under control of the Faerytail Family. Her parents and older siblings were killed by the AoT forces mistaking the family for Faerytail spies. Clementine luckily managed to hide from them.

The Corvette crash landed onto Krmar II due to engine and stabilizer failure and she was badly injured. Clementine was rescued by locals and taken to a nearby hospital where she was in a coma for a year. She was left with awful scars across her forehead and she took to wearing a blue baseball cap with the letter D on it. her father had given the hat for her birthday, the day before the attack.

Clementine’s relatives were not able to take her in as food was already scarce due to the AoT attacks on the planet. There had been many fights from AoT in their apparent crusade to slay the Faerytail Family. Over the years she was forced to live on the streets as she had no money to pay for school. She would steal when she could to feed herself to fend off starvation. Meanwhile, she taught herself how to hunt and gradually took to living in the woods. She wanted revenge on the AoT for murdering her family and leaving her permanently scarred. She also saw how everyone suffered and died due to the AoT and their seemingly petty war, so she vowed one day to stop them.

Five Years Later (In Y18)

Clementine was now a skilled hunter and she traded pelts and other items when she went into the city. She would acquire clothing, medicine and other supplies to keep living. Eventually, she caught the eye of a group who turned out to be smugglers. They agreed to allow her to join their crew after she asked them and they saw her potential based on her reputation with the locals. They took her with them and she was able explore the galaxy. They helped her learn the trade how to be a smuggler as well as how to fly a variety of ships.

~Two Years Later (In Y19)

After some time, Clementine left her crew and went off to start on her own on the planet of Kinyen. Clementine found an old abandoned YT-2000 that had rust and many other issues. She claimed the old ship as her own and she repaired it with the help of some locals and the know-how she learned from her travels. She then got ready to take off, this time to see so even more of the galaxy being her own boss.

On the eve of Clementine taking off in the YT-2000 FireBreath she had one thought as she looked into the starry night...

A few months later (In Y19)

Eventually, Clementine earned a good amount of credits after working various jobs. She sold rare trophies and eggs from creatures she caught during her hunting. She also passed her time doing smuggling missions of her own.

She eventually led ended up in the Azurbani system. Clementine hunted all sorts of creatures and meet a big variety of people there on the planet Kiffex.

Later, she calmed down and made peace with the past. While she would never fully forgive the wrongs done to her. She decided not to pursue her issues, which could potentially making things worse, and keep living her life.

A New Family (In Y20)

Clementine decided to forgo the freelancing lifestyle and join the Gordian Reach Authority with Bossive Ketwol and Saba Ku. She hoped to make it permanent as the faction so far was one of the best she ever had been in. Also, this year saw lots of success for Clementine as her trading reputation had increased and she had gotten a "Rare" Bayonet-Class Cruiser. Most owners refused to sell these older yet still functional beauties. Clementine had purchased the ship from Victor O`Cuinn who was selling the ship at Centrepoint Market. She saw her chance to have this awesome ship so purchased it. Clementine has many hopes for this upcoming decade in this galaxy.

A New Frontier ( In year 21) Clementine had many breakthroughs and discoveries during this year.. She sold her rare Bayonet in order to fund a Modular task force carrier to be her next capital ship.. She then decided to take up asteroid mining as a way to increase her wealth.. Among other things year 21 would be Clementines most profitable year yet. And she continued to help Gordian Reach Authority by scouting whenever possible.