Shaa Cideg

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Shaa Cideg
Shaa Cideg Faction Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Mon Calamari
Homeworld Dac
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 Meters
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore, MandalMotors, Aliit Jaik`ran
Title Ver`alor Al`verde
Rank [C-1]

Shaa Cideg is a Mon Calamari Mandalorian. He is currently employed with MandalMotors as a hauler and production officer. In addition, Shaa is the current Aliit`buir, or Clan Father, of the Mandalorian Clan Jaik`ran and the Aliit`jador, or Clans' Voice, of the Mandalorian Clan Council.

Early Life

Shaa was born into a small family on Dac. An intelligent and curious individual, he devoted most of his time to tinkering with any bit of machinery he could get his hands on. He attended an excellent, engineering-oriented university in Coral City, where he majored in Aeronautical Engineering and minored in Robotics. He graduated with honors and was invited to work at a small engineering firm in Dac. However, after spending all of his life on Dac, Shaa was anxious to get out and explore the galaxy. There was a large galaxy out there to explore, and he felt compelled to see what was out there.

After spending two years touring the galaxy, Shaa had become tired, lonely, and nearly broke. He spent the last of his money to purchase a ticket to Manaan. He was unable to afford the trip back to Dac, so Manaan, another oceanic world, seemed like a decent alternative to alleviate his homesickness. After spending a few days on Manaan without getting over his loneliness, Shaa retired to a tavern. He was drinking alone at the bar when a group of Mandalorian warriors entered. They were a jovial group, occupying a table not far from where Shaa was sitting. One of their group, a Selkath, noticed the Mon Calamari sitting alone and invited him to join their group.

Shaa hadn't really encountered a Mandalorian before; he had seen them around the city, but never interacted with any. Almost too intimidated to reject the offer, Shaa joined the group and slowly opened up to them. The group, with Shaa, now included, met again over the next several days; they talked about Mandalorian culture, the galaxy, and a wide variety of other subjects. Eventually, the Selkath asked Shaa what his plans life plans were, to which Shaa realized he had no answer. The Selkath offered Shaa a chance to join the Mandalorians and give meaning to his life; Shaa eagerly accepted.

Current History

Shaa officially joined Mandalore on year 12, day 235, deciding to utilize his knowledge of engineering for ship production in MandalMotors. He attended the Mandalorian Academy under the tutelage of Thanis R`ar for two weeks before graduating. Upon graduation, he was immediately assigned to his duties in MandalMotors, which primarily consisted of RM hauling and later supervising the production of various ships and the construction of a few shipyards.

Outside of his duties with Motors, Shaa was fairly active in the Mandalorian community. Under the suggestion of his new friend Ne`tra Kaal, Shaa joined Aliit Jaik`ran, which had recently been revived by Kaal. The clan had a number of members join, but its activity slowly decreased. Eventually, Kaal abandoned the clan and Mandalore as a whole, leaving a vacancy in clan leadership to soon be filled by Andrava Magnus. However, Andrava soon stopped communicating with the clan and eventually defected. With the rest of the members scattered, Shaa claimed the title of Aliit`buir for himself and renewed the Jaik`ran. Under his leadership, the clan expanded its numbers with two new members. Shaa later stepped up to become the Aliit`jador, or Voice of the Clans, of the Mandalorian Clan Council.

In addition to his duties in MandalMotors, Shaa has started working on producing his own, personal ships. As well, he frequents the Scholar's Guild to exchange various ideas and philosophies with the various sentients of the galaxy.