Terak Falcor

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Terak Falcor
Terak Falcor Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human (Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Born 33 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Weight 220 lbs
Coloring Black hair
Eye Color Dark brown
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Commodore/Sith Master
Prior Affiliation The Jedi Order
Fakir Death Knights

Terak Falcor is a Corellian Jedi Master and a respected member of the Galactic Empire. He is thirty-three years old. On his upper right arm is tattooed the fearsome emblem of the Fakir Death Knights over an Imperial crest.


Terak Falcor was born to a Corellian family on Corellia who ran a transport company which he took over following their accidental deaths. From a young age, Terak was an exceptional pilot and, for a few years, the transport company did well until there was a mishap with a large shipment for one of the Hutts. After this incident, he lost the company and found himself stranded on Tatooine.

Falcor spent several months on Tatooine trying to make enough credits to leave the dust-ball, but he had no luck. He decided to join the Galactic Empire rather than rot on this desert planet. He waited several weeks for his Imperial transport to arrive. Eventually, Victor Von Ismay picked him up on Tatooine. At that time, Von Ismay was the special assistant to Moff Vir Calder of the lawless Fakir Sector. During the subsequent months, Falcor trained at the illustrious Imperial Academy where he received his Imperial Academy Basic Graduate (IABG) certificate and the rank of Cadet. He then joined the infamous Fakir Death Knights in the 5th Sector Fleet and served under Jacen Agoff for several years.

During his early service in the Empire, all it seemed he was doing was scanning the various systems he was assigned to. Several times, he became bored with scanning the same systems and would vanish for short amounts of time. However, shortly thereafter, the Battle of Berchest occurred. He did not see much action as he was stuck with his Executive Officer (XO), Gunney, waiting for a second fleet to arrive before they entered the fray. By the time the second fleet arrived, the battle was over and the system was lost.

While the Battle of Berchest unfolded, a clandestine merger was unfolding between Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire and Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire. It was a very difficult time with old friends departing the Empire, and the corrupting presence of a Dark lord of the Sith in the Imperial ranks. Shortly thereafter, Bonias and Count Greyson Uebles overthrew Emperor Charon and chaos ensued. In protest, a mass exodus of Imperial personnel occurred, many of whom were Falcor's friends. Most defected to rival galactic governments, but a few still remained.

During this time of upheaval, all Imperial fleets were ordered to return to Coruscant while the new rulers of the Empire tried to restore order from the charred remains of what they had destroyed by overthrowing Charon. Months of confused reorganization followed, and the Empire became a mess. The new regime led by Uebles and Bonias could not even pay Imperial salaries. At one point, Falcor's friend Tee ubo Tarkona ended up paying Falcor his owed wages for several months. Terak felt bad accepting credits from her — most likely from pride — and tried to repay her but she would never take back the credits no matter what he tried. It seemed she always kept an eye on him. Later, after separating from Moff von Ismay, Tee ubo Tarkona married the new emperor. After the wedding, she was around less and less like other veterans of the Empire. Eventually, there was a rumor that she had defected with one of the Empire's prized Imperial Star Destroyers.

Much of the time in the coming months was trying to rebuild the Empire. As such, Falcor was assigned to the Imperial Academy where he spent most of his time training recruits. He tried to keep busy in order to forget the past. After a while, he began trading to make extra credits. As his Imperial salary was so poor he couldn’t even afford his own ship, he carried on trading for many months and it became his hobby.

At last, he was approached with a mission to go and scout out a hidden system. He soon discovered the actual task was to help return a missing Victory-class Star Destroyer (VSD) that was under the command of a young Lieutenant Terrence Thorne. The mission went extremely well without no problems. Falcor then assumed command of the latter vessel and awaited orders to return to Coruscant. Instead, he received an order to move the VSD to a secret staging ground for the second fleet in preparation for the upcoming Battle of Beta.

In the upcoming weeks before the battle, Falcor was approached by the Imperial High Inquisitor and offered a position with in the Imperial Inquisition. Following the end of the battle, Falcor was decorated extremely well. Terak had been an ensign when he stated his original mission. Now promoted to lieutenant, he received several medals for his service during the Beta campaign.

In his spare time on Coruscant, he mixed in strange places. Some of the people whom he met included Sith and Jedi. One of the Jedi he knew agreed to test him for Force sensitivity. During his next mission to retrieve an Imperial vessel, he took Natasha Jones along with him to bring back the other ship while he secretly took a detour to meet the Jedi. Asaryakatr — a Twi'lek and the wayward daughter of Victor von Ismay — tested Falcor and then revealed to him that he had the special ability to use the Force.

Falcor continued with his pick-up mission with a troubled mind and with the fear of what could happen to him if the Empire discovered that Asaryakatr had tested him. Asaryakatr was wanted for stealing a VSD in the past. Once Falcor arrived at his destination, he managed to get Natasha off his ship. He was very edgy at that time. Soon, he received a message from Darth Knyte demanding to know his location. Falcor replied to his message with two words: "In hyperspace." Immediately, Falcor fled to where the Jedi master told him to go. He swapped his vessel for his old murrain then headed to Republica.